What Ethics Means to Me Essay

As being an adult student returning to college, life experiences have had a larger influence to my ethics standing - What Ethics Means to Me Essay introduction. My ethics have a basis form Aristotle ‘s view that ethics can be ingrain in our humanity. I was raised in what most people call the “Bible belt of the South”. I grew up in a strong Christian family with a defined view of right and wrong. The Golden Rule was displayed in a frame on the wall. “Always treat others as you would like to be treated yourself”.

Ten commandments were ingrain as well as my definition of what is right. After marriage and a somewhat professional life, I started to develop my own set of ethics as it relates to me as a person. One of the big incidents that showed me how much you value your integrity. I was working at a nursing home pharmaceutical company that prepared maintenance medication for area nursing homes. I was assigned one part of the local area and my counterpart was assigned another part.

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We were the only ones besides pharmacists, that we allowed access to control substance drugs, i. e. CII; CII act. After a routine inventory check, control medications counts were off. Investigations were done and my counterpart was lead out in handcuffs by DEA agents. Apparently, he has been selling them for street value and making a profit. This guy had a family. I couldn’t believe that he would be all that in jeopardy. My marriage ended abruptly with another incident relating to ethics.

I worked for a bank and a requirement of the bank was to have an account with them. After I quit, I closed that account. I started work for Honda Manufacturing of Alabama. I was on my way back from picking up gages and was in a car accident. Police ran my driving record. Much to my surprise, I had warrants for bad checks. My husband had written a number of bad checks on that closed account. In my mind, that was as much betrayal as is was a lack of integrity.

As you can tell, ethics and integrity is a huge requirement of mine now. If you don’t value yourself, you cannot value others. Therefore, no value means a lack of ethics. Right and wrong are hotly debated, as what is right for one culture may not be for the other. Both can be ingrained or developed with your upbringing. The way you apply them is what defines you. It defines me as I stated before, the golden rule is Golden Rule for a reason. It is how you treat and value your fellow human that defines your ethical point of view.

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