What Happens When You Get a Puppy? - Dog Essay Example

Dogs are, by far, the most popular pet in American households - What Happens When You Get a Puppy? introduction. “Man’s best friend” can prove to be a loving, faithful, entertaining companion, however a dog can also become the most frustrating, time-consuming, and noisiest member of your household so it is best to prepared about what to expect. The three major steps involved are purchasing the new pet, providing him with the necessary accessories and supplies, and going through the process of adaptation and potty training.

Many first time pet owners will choose a puppy, and who can resist an adorable little ball of fur with big eyes and floppy ears? The puppy can be purchased through a pet store, an animal shelter or rescue, or picked up as a stray. An initial trip to the vet to ensure the puppy is healthy and has all his vaccinations is recommended. Once you’ve picked out your puppy of choice, it’s time to bring him home and get him accustomed to life in new surroundings.


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The most important thing to provide the new household member with is a set of clean bowls for water and food placed in an appropriate area where he can access them. A collar, along with a registration tag, and leash are also necessary. It’s also a good idea to provide toys, treats, and things he can chew on while he is teething. With all the necessary supplies at hand, it’s time to give the puppy a tour of his new environment – show him where his food and water is located, and where he will be “doing his duty”.

Puppies have small bladders with little control and the new pet owner can expect quite a few accidents before potty training is complete. Confining the animal to a small area, preferably with a tiled floor, can help alleviate stains on the carpet and accidentally stepping on one of puppy’s stinky little offerings. Finding your new pet, ensuring he is free of illness, has everything necessary for his health and happiness, and knows his way around his new environment, will make the first-time dog owner better prepared to enjoy life with this new best friend.

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