What Have We Learnt About The Logan Essay

? - What Have We Learnt About The Logan Essay introduction.

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What Have We Learnt About The Logan Essay
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? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? The Logan Parents are really

strict. ? They have raised their kids

to believe in equality, although they try non to do the kids unhappy they

ne’er lie to them so frequently they try to soften replies to hard

questions. ? They are determined to maintain

their land and decently attention for it. ?

Papa has a really hard occupation at the railway and he can? t see his

household really often. ? Mary Logan ( Mama ) is

a really determined and hardworking adult female. ?

She works at the school, but she besides works really difficult on the land

picking cotton and taking it to be ginned. ?

She besides has four kids to care for ; it is singular how much work

she does. What is

Papa? s warning? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Papa warns the kids non to travel to

the Wallace store. ? Papa enforces his

warning by stating? If I of all time

happen out y? all been up at that place, for any ground, I? m gon na have on y? all out. ? The kids

are evidently scared of their male parent. ?

Much like Mary Logan Papa frequently merely tells the kids plenty so that

they will remain out of trouble. ? I don? T

think that Papa tells Cassie and the male childs the true ground why they shouldn? T go

to the Wallace store. ? Papa tells his

kids that? There? s imbibing up at that place? . ?

To the reader it is obvious that T

here is another ground for being so cautious. ? When the grownups are speaking in church and

the Berry? s combustion is being discussed, for some ground Papa says? In this

household, we don? T store at the Wallace store. ? ?

Presumably the Wallace shop is connected to the racism suffered to the

Berry family.Describe

the Logan house. ? Noting the

significance of wood. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? The house appears to be rather

small. ? ? Papa? s room besides acts as a

populating country ; this room besides leads to the forepart or side porch, the kitchen and

the other two bedrooms. ? The room has

got exposures of Papa and his brother when they were young. ? The room has besides got images of two of

Papa? s older brothers who are dead and image of Mama? s family. ? The house is made out wood. ? The two forests, which have been used to do

the house and the furniture inside it, are Oak and Walnut. ? Both oak and Walnut are highly strong

types of wood that take a long clip to turn. ?

Therefore the house must be really strong. ? The Logan? s own at that place ain house an land so they are a batch better

off than many black households of the clip. ?

A batch of Black households in the 1930? s would? ve been portion sharecrop farmers and

as a consequence would be in dept to there owners. ? ?

It is really possible that the Logan household could hold made the house from

the stuffs available from the land.

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