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What is Deforestation



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    Deforestation is an ongoing and growing problem in many developing countries around the world and it has an especially intense impact in the Amazon forest which is located in Brazil and Pura. Though deforestation happens all over the world in places like Russia, China, The United States, Canada, Australia and India, the most damage is caused in Brazil and Pura, both located in South America, in their giant amazon forests. Over half of Brazil is covered in the vast land of trees.

    South America is a beautiful country unlike any other country. Even though it’s one of the poorest, it still has wonderful quality’s that other countries don’t have. South America is the home of the two largest Amazon forests in the world. The bigger one is located in Brazil ranging at 2.124 million mi and the small one is located in Peru, which has the longest river in the world that flows right through the forest in Peru, known as The Amazon River which currently alleged to be 6,992 kilometers long. It’s a beautiful river and a wonderful sight to see that is close to being destroyed, because of the deforestation happening in Peru.

    A large majority of people across the world don’t realize the effects of deforestation and what it’s doing to our planet until it is too late. Deforestation doesn’t happen naturally or by mother natural, deforestation is a problem caused by people. Though some storms can knock down trees, most of the loss of trees and forests cover happens because of human influence and activities. These activities are, in the long run, determined by the beliefs and attitudes that people have about the forests.

    There are two common sides to the deforestation controversy. The first one being that some people believe that deforestation is a growing problem that needs to be addressed intimately so, it doesn’t destroy, and negativity impact the environment, as well as interfere with the process of development and diversity in the forests and negativity impact our future. This side of people also believe that deforestation is the cause of much of the suffering and poverty that is experienced in many developing countries around the world.

    On the other hand, there are some people who believe that deforestation is a necessary thing that needs to happen in order to improve our economy and keep up with what products from the forest when they are needed. They support and strongly believe that deforestation is a natural process in life and that all the problems associated with deforestation will work themselves out in the end.

    The big Amazons, which are located in Brazil and Pura are a beautiful bio filed with endless miles of trees. The Amazon is the largest forest on the planet spanning around 670 million hectares and many animals and wildlife live within the Amazon and call the forest their home. Not only do animals live in the Amazon, people also live in or around the Amazon. About 34 million people aside in the Amazon and relies on its resources to keep living where they are living.

    The Amazon also stores between 90-140 billion metric tons of carbon, which is important for the air and environment and carbon is used to produce and make many products around the world. To this day, the Amazon continues to be destroyed and according to science the Amazon has lost close to 20% of what it used to be. Studies have showed that if something isn’t done to stop deforestation soon, the Amazon biome could end up being destroyed and completely treeless by 2030.

    There are multiple reasons why deforestation occurs in the world. A few of the reasons why trees are quickly being removed from the forests are for the use of urban use, to build homes, make projects or to ship to other countries as part of the logging industry, as well as selling the wood for fuel. The fuel that is bought can come in the form of timber or charcoal aside from the liquid form. Sometimes the land that is cleared can be used as pasture for livestock and plantation, but a lot of the cleared land goes unused.

    Though it’s good that the cleared land is being used for something good, we are still losing too many trees that are not getting replanted and not all the land is being used for something, so the ground ends up dying. Deforestation occurs in the Amazon forests more frequently than other regains due to how large it is and how many trees are in the located in the Amazon compared to the rest of the world. There seems to be an endless number of trees, but it’s not endless, and the results are showing that.

    There are many methods used when deforestation happens. Clear cutting, Selective logging, perennial shade agriculture and the most common method being slash and burn agriculture. The Slash and burn agriculture is the quickest way to remove unwanted trees, plants, and organisms in the environment. This method is used during the burning season which takes place between June through October. You can have lumber jacks chop down trees with axes and chainsaws, which was the common way many years ago.

    Now days what is used in the Amazon most commonly are man-built machines that can take down a big tree within seconds. There are many wildlife animals and plants that use the Amazon for survival and home, but when it gets cut down, they lose their homes, and they have nowhere else to go. Many animals that live in the Amazon forest have been dying, because of this and some of which are rare species such as the Golden Poison Dart Frog, Brazilian Three Toed Sloths, Jaguars, Amazon River Dolphins and Black Spider Monkeys.

    The effects and impacts that deportation has on the planet is worse than just losing trees. 80% of earths land animals and plants live in the forests and they can’t survive the damage that is being done to their home, so some specious will go extinct. Aside from the animals, deforestation also cause climate change which effects are spread worldwide. A few other negative impacts include increased soil erosion, desertification, flooding, increased greenhouse gases and a big list of problems for the people living in the area. Though some effects of deforestation are smaller and only effect the surrounding area, there are effects that impact the whole world like the gases that are speared, and the impact of climate change.

    There are almost always jobs in the deforestation department. There are enough jobs in the wood industry that can offer around 13 million people jobs. There are around 5000 different jobs in the wood industry, from people who cut down the tree, to people who clean the trees, all the way to the people who package and sell them. These jobs can range from $14-$30+ an hour, so if you can set aside what damage is being done, you can make some pretty good bank. This is part of the reason why so many people don’t have a problem working in this industry.

    When jobs advertise jobs in the wood industry, they don’t tell the whole truth and focus more on selling the deal with the high wages that are offered and the benefits of working with their company’s. Many people who enter the business do not know anything about deforestation, and the impacts it has on the earth. If deforestation was talked about more and became a higher topic that raises more attention, I believe that will cause people to understand the negative impacts and reconsider working for the companies.

    How do we stop deforestation? Though to this day there are no immediately ways to stop deforestation, but there are ways to slow down the process and start preserving what’s left. Though we don’t have the rights to just go to the companies and say “stop this now” we can take other approaches to help solve the problem. A few ways are to take a stand with those who are also against deforestation is to donate money to organizations that fight to stop this and vote to change to politics when the time comes to vote again.

    If enough voices are heard there is a possibility to save our forests. The Amazon forests helps provide oxygen in the atmosphere alongside being the home for animals and people. The forests are more impotent than people realize and have a big impact on earth. I suggest that for every tree that they cut down, they plant two more. Yes, it takes years to a lifetime to grow, but if we don’t start fixing what deforestation is doing to our planet, it could be too far gone from recovery and it could be leading to some dark times in the future to come.

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