What is e-commerce?

E-commerce is simply the use of electrical marketing - What is e-commerce? introduction. E-commerce includes retail shopping, banking, stocks and bonds trading, auctions, real estate transactions, airline booking, movie rentals-nearly anything you can imagine in the real world. Even personal services such as hair and nail salons can benefit from e-commerce by providing a website for the sale of related health and beauty products, normally available to local customers exclusively.

Ecommerce can be in the form of purchasing goods or receiving services. An example of a service could be a comparison website. A comparison website is an example of an ecommerce as it is a service.

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The Internet is a global network of computers. Every computer that is connected to the Internet is considered a part of that network. On the internet, you can access many websites such as eBay and Amazon and purchase goods, this is ecommerce.

An example of an ecommerce is eBay. EBay is an example of an ecommerce. This is because users of who use eBay can buy and auction for items over the World Wide Web.

How does ecommerce affect the individual?

The effect that ecommerce has on an individual is quite intense. Everyone of whom uses the internet to purchase or receive service is using an ecommerce. If you have ever bought something of Amazon for example, you would have used an ecommerce. Also, if you have visited a comparison website, you would have also used an ecommerce. As you can see, in our modern world, ecommerce is use widely and clearly has an effect on the individual.

How has ecommerce changed the way people buy goods and services?

I am now going to explain the way people buy goods and services using five categories. The five categories are:

> Choice, this could be in the way of choice and variety of things to buy or even choices such as delivery on a certain dates such as a birthday

> Convenience, this is anything that could save something such as time and frustration.

> Cost, the pricing, such as postage and packaging

> Location, can you shop on any website from any part of the world?

> Flexibility, such as delivery, cancelling orders and more!




When using ecommerce, there are many choices you can choose from to personalise delivery dates and purchases. As there is allot of choice when buying online compared to buying an item in the high street as it is likely that a customer shall find the perfect item or product.


There are many advantages of e commerce in the category of choice!

Wider Selection Online

An advantage of choice of e commerce is that there is a wider selection if goods online. This is because not all shops have space to put products on show; also, there is more of a choice because it is easy to look at anther website rather than just one. With a wider choice, a customer shall find the perfect product.

More Shops Online

In our local high street there are probably only a certain number of shops. However, if you go on the internet for ecommerce, there is a wide range of different shops! This is good if you live in a quiet area without many shops so that you can purchase online with wider choices! Personally, in my area we do not have an Asda, as a result of this we can shop online for our products from Asda!

Easier to compare

If shopping online, it is easier to compare websites and offers to see which deals are best for you. I have taken a survey and asked ten people about how they compare shop’s offers on the high street. As you can see a smaller percentage of people compare items in different shops. I asked the people who don’t compare prices why they don’t. They all sad it was because it would take too much time and that they would look silly walking in and out of shops. This proves that time is a huge concern for customers. Also, if you shop online to compare prices it would take less time as you would not need to enter shops. The other concern was the embarrassment of constantly walking in and out of the same shop, if shopping online you appear anonymous.

Easier to compare (2)

Comparing insurance online compared to reading leaflets can be allot easier. This is because websites like confused.com and camparethemarket.co.uk offer users to compare range of insurance companies.

Choice of purchase and Postage

If you purchase an item from a shop, it is unlikely they shall have a pre owned item or they shall not be able to deliver it on a certain day such as a birthday. However, if you buy it online, you can usually set a delivery date and on some websites such as Amazon offer pre owned goods.

Allows you to buy things you wouldn’t in shops

You can buy things that you wouldn’t usually in shops. For example if you had a medical condition that you were embarrassed about, you could buy it anonymous online.

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