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What is Human Rights Abuse Essay

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Human Rights Abuses are occurrences where there are violations on an individual’s right to act in a way to make moral decisions. Tis includes violations against an individual’s political rights,worker rights, and freedom of religion,speech, press,peaceful assembly and association. It includes freedom from any cruel or inhumane treatment and not being discriminated against because of race,sex, disability,language or social status. Human rights abuse may occur in positions where there is a hostile government in power or in everyday life in a developed nation.

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What is Human Rights Abuse
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But, it usually occurs in a poor or unstable country with a record of violence and inept leadership. At this time country’s that have been known for human rights abuse in their countries are China, Cuba, Rwanda, and Bosnia-Herzegovina. They have violated their citizen’s rights as individuals through senseless killngs, arbitrary detention, and detention. When human rights abuse occurs it may be unknown by the international community but, once alerted there is usually something done about the situation.

There are two main groups that take care of human rights abuse. They are NATO and the United Nations(U.N), when these groups are notified that guman rights abuse is occurring they take action. Whether it is through sanctions, constructive engagement or humanitatian intervention.

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