What is Nursing Diagnosis

Nursing Diagnosis

            Nursing diagnosis is a medical concept that is becoming a commonly applied approach in the aspect of healthcare and medical service. This aspect mainly focuses on the presumptive and initial health and medical analysis conducted by the nursing class of healthcare serving as an overview basis and diagnosis for the following treatment and medical application. Aiding as a primary health analysis, nursing diagnosis actually becomes the springboard for further treatment and observation by giving the healthcare nursing a professional idea about the condition and the needed healthcare service of the patient. Thus, this healthcare concept can be considered as a synonymous to the concept of applying first aid only on a broader and more concise aspect. (Carpenito-Moyet 2007)

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            The concept of nursing diagnosis mainly originates from the principle of maximizing the efficiency of healthcare service especially on institutions providing one. In this aspect, the service of medical personnel mainly the physicians and the doctors can actually be efficiently maximizing by distributing tasks that are dispensable on their level by utilizing other healthcare personnel for diagnosis and initial treatment aspects. On this account, other professional healthcare service has been seek primarily the nursing department wherein they have been titled for the duty of initial diagnosis and treatment thus giving the medical practitioners an overview of the healthcare conditions of the patients. In turn, medical diagnosis has been effectively focused on conditions specifically in need of their specialty. Thus, the establishment of nursing diagnosis has significantly maximized the healthcare capacity of the general area of service by effectively dividing and efficiently classifying the healthcare conditions of sum of their patients. (Carpenito-Moyet 2007)

            The structure of nursing diagnosis is mainly classified in five general aspect mainly based on the nature and the intensity of the healthcare condition. This structural classification is set based upon the guidelines determined by the North American Nursing Diagnosis Association-International (NANDA-International) which are namely actual diagnosis, risk diagnosis, possible diagnosis, syndrome diagnosis, and wellness diagnosis. Each classification has their own focused aspect thus, nursing diagnosis collective encompassed all of the aspects and possibilities of a healthcare situation. (Carpenito-Moyet 2007)

            Nursing diagnoses also varies according to the health pattern and the determined general nature of the scenario. Nursing diagnoses can vary from relating to health perception and management, metabolic nutrition, conditional elimination, management of physical activities and rest, and other humanistic aspect relating to health condition and human physiology. Commonly, nursing diagnosis takes its main significance in its application concerning the nursing healthcare plan wherein the standardized statement derived from the initial observation and analysis will actually and dominant affect the healthcare plan to be applied for the patient’s condition. (Carpenito-Moyet 2007)

            Generally, nursing diagnosis is a standardized healthcare statement regarding the patient’s condition thus, determining the appropriate nursing care and medical approach to be applied in the aspect of healthcare service. This statement stands out as the product of initial observation and analysis of the patient specifying the most needed healthcare treatment and the potentials of his or her condition. Thus, nursing diagnosis becomes a significant element in the healthcare practice and application because it efficiently develops the aspect of healthcare service and it generally answers the required specific aspect of the treatment and attention needed. (Carpenito-Moyet 2007)


Carpenito-Moyet, Lynda Juall (2007). Nursing Diagnosis: Application to Clinical Practice. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. 11th Edition.


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