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What Is Physics and What Are Its Uses?

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What Is Physics and What Are Its Uses?Physics, a branch of science, is traditionally defined as the study ofmatter, energy, and the relation between them. The interaction between matterand energy is found everywhere. In order for matter to move, it requires someform of energy.

Sports show many good examples of the relationship between matter andenergy. For instance, a pitcher requires energy to throw a baseball at theincredible speed and accuracy that is needed to keep the batter from using hisenergy to try and hit the ball.

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What Is Physics and What Are Its Uses?
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The batter exhibits the need for a certaintrajectory because he/she needs to hit the ball hard enough and keep it highenough to sail over the outfield wall. On the other hand, the batter must becertain to keep the trajectory low enough so that the ball will reach the fence.

Trajectory is also seen in basketball, where players must shoot the ball withenough arch to get over the front of the rim, and go through the hoop.

Theenergy required to do this comes from not only the arms, but the legs as well.

The medical field has seen enormous breakthroughs because of principlesof physics. Doctors are now able to use lasers for surgery. Lasers are basedon the physical principle of light, and are devices for the creation andamplification of a narrow, intense beam of coherent light. New lasermicrosurgery can actually alter the shape of the cornea in the eye so thepatient’s eyesight can return to normal, and he/she will no longer need thosebothersome glasses. Ultrasound is used in the medical field for destroyingvarious unwanted substances in the body such as kidney stones. Ultrasound usessound waves to dissolve these foreign bodies. If not for physics, ultrasoundswould never have been discovered and utilized. MRI scans, another newdiscovery, are able to show a complete three dimensional picture of theinterior structure of the body, and are extremely valuable in hospitals. Thesescans are based on the principles of electromagnetism, and the phenomenon thatnuclei of some atoms line up in the presence of an electromagnetic field.

Understanding the dark matter of the universe, which has remained amystery for quite some time, is based primarily on theories of physics. We haveyet to see a black hole, but physics has explained what one is, and why wecannot see it. Otherwise we would have never known that it is an extremelysmall region of space-time with a gravitational field so intense that nothingcan escape, not even light. Physics help to understand the dark matter of theuniverse, because it applies theories to what the dark matter is. We are alsoable to look at distant spots in the universe with new telescopes because ofthe principles of magnification and amplification of light.

Not only can physics better your baseball game and explain the darkmatter of the universe, but it can save lives. It remains a very importantpart of us and our world. Science

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