What Is Primary Research Essay

Primary research is information that you have collected yourself - What Is Primary Research Essay introduction. It can be in many different forms including: surveys, interviews, focus groups and observations. The key to primary research is that you design and analyse the research yourself (Grellier & Goerke. 2010. Pg. 29). The best programs for children happen when teachers obtain their ideas not only from their own expertise and experiences but also from children’s interests expressed and observed, parent’s ideas, and events and issues in the community.

Early childhood workers have a crucial responsibility to plan their programs in collaboration with the children and families (Stonehouse & Gonzalez-Mena. 2004. Pg. 11). Give some examples of primary research strategies that you might use for your academic presentation. -I could interview a professional or academic in early childhood education and report on the main ideas. -I could conduct a survey of fellow students or parents/caregivers on a particular issue and report on the results. -I could make observations of children and report my findings.

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Have you ever used primary research yourself in an early learning situation and if so, why and in what form? Yes I have used primary research in an early learning situation. When I went for my interview for the family I am a nanny for I interviewed the family on such things as their home life, the children’s routines, their interests and their expectations on me. I am also constantly observing the children for their likes and dislikes, their strengths and what they need improving on and their milestones.

With my observations I am giving feedback to the parents at the end of the day about the children’s behaviour and achievements. I am also talking to the parents on the days that I work and asking them questions (interviewing them) on the things the children might have done or anything that they would like me to work on with the children. After doing this weeks topic on primary research I find it amazing how children are constantly using primary research tools such as asking questions and observing to research for themselves on how things need to be done or how things work.

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