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What is Social Web

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The Social web is a set of social relations that link people through the worldwide web. The social web encompasses how websites and software are designed and developed in order to support and foster social interactions. These online social interactions form the basis of much online activity including online shopping, gaming, education, and social networking websites. Today hundreds of millions of internet users are using thousands of social websites to stay connected with their friends, discover new friends, and to share user created content, such as photos, videos, social bookmark, and blogs, even through mobile devices.

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What is Social Web
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There are several popular social networking sites. With Face book having the top estimated monthly visitors of 700,000,000. Then we have Twitter, Link In, My Space, Ning, the Google Plus, and many more. Social web sites are used to stay connected, find jobs, for dating services and more. There are so many different things you can do on the social web.

Although social media is constantly evolving, the basic forms of social media include social network sites such as MySpace and Face book; blogs that are online web logs or journals; wikis, which are basically online community encyclopedias where people can add or edit content; Podcasts, which are audio and video files made available by subscription, most are free.

There are online communities that allow one to share particular types of content like photographs, video and bookmarked links; the most popular examples are Flickr, Delicious, and YouTube. There is micro blogging; these applications are used to quickly communicate small amounts of content and allow others to receive updates via a PDA, cell phone, or email. The most popular of these applications is Twitter. From the home to the workplace social media is rapidly becoming an extremely viable and practical means to communicate.

Face book was.

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