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What is Technical Communication?

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ENG June Technical communications is another name for the field known as technical writing. It is also a relatively new discipline, which has developed in response to the expanding role of technology in people’s lives. It involves writing paper- based instruction manuals, brochures, and tutorials, as well as designing and developing online help, Web sites and other types of online documentation. It can also involve editing, and writing reports and abstracts. 2. What are the principles of communication?

Know your audience Know your purpose Know your topic Anticipate objections Present a rounded picture Achieve credibility with your audience.

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What is Technical Communication?
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Follow through on what you say Communicate a little at a time Present information in several ways Develop a practical, useful way to get feedback Use multiple communication techniques 3. What are the types of technical communication? Reports: Are made at all levels from students to business people, for various purposes. Perfect format and layout are very important factors in a report, as it contains the complete information of any project.

Wide knowledge retaining to the subject of the report is absolutely necessary for any author. It requires intense research and data analysis. For example Business and sales reports ,Academic project reports and Case study reports. Presentation: The presentation model depends upon the intended audience, whether they are internal audience or external audience. A presentation can be made using equipment and graphical aids such as flip charts, tables, transparencies, bar graphs, slides, multimedia objects, pie charts, dry erase boards, line drawings, handouts, physical objects, etc. The basic requirements in a good presentation comment is.

User Manual: The user manuals are the set of instructions or explanations written to help the reader, understand some software application or any system. The important criteria of a properly written user manual is simple language, because it is mostly targeted for non-technical people. Mainly, to understand the troubleshooting techniques, people refer to the user manual. So, the writer should cover all the minute details of the product and the troubleshooting tricks. The difficult terms should be well explained and made easy. Executive Summaries: Executive summary is an important communication LOL used by academicians and business people.

Executive summaries are basically documents that contains the summary of reports, so that the reader is acquainted with the required knowledge, without reading the large body of the report. Executive summary documents, are widely used in management sectors like sales & marketing, accounts & finance, etc. Executive summary documents mostly contains the summary of the problems of the service or the product. The typical structure of an executive summary should be 10% of the report from which it is derived. Concise analysis of the report is made and final conclusions re drawn from it.

Abstracts: Abstracts are basically, a concise and brief guide of a report that summarizes the whole report, which is mainly addressed to technical readers Spec Sheet: Spec sheet is an information sheet that, illustrates the construction and manufacturing process. Spec sheet documents are widely used especially in mechanical, instrumentation, architecture, production and manufacturing industries. The spec sheets are mainly targeting to the contractors, who will analyze the information and the package which includes all the required schematics and they would estimate the scope and expertise required for the implosion of the project.

After studying the spec sheet data, bid sheet will be prepared. Proposals: The proposals are persuasive documents that are made to provide solutions, recommendations and needs regarding to the problems concerning a product or service. It is a narrative work that is made to bring out successful sales experience. The good proposal should be made in such a way that, it should be “as easy as possible to digest”. Many business people say that, writing a proposal is an art and it should be persuasive and rational as well. The proposals can be formal or informal.

Employment Document: Employment document is mainly referred to as resumes, follow-up letter, resignation letter. The employment documents are prepared from the employer’s perspective. Follow-up letter is written by a candidate, to thank the employer for the conducted interview and to express his continuing interests in the job. Resignation letter is a professional courtesy letter to inform the current employer, that you are resigning from your job and the reasons for your resignation. Resume is another employment document produced by a candidate, who is seeking for a new job.

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