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What is the right age for dating? Essays

The perception of how men and women see each other from now and before time has changed drastically. Even the aspect of the dating point of view has changed. There are a number of views on that "right" age for a teen to start dating. I personally believe that you should make the decision for your children based upon your own personal beliefs and an understanding of your teen's emotional and physical development. Many parents experience anxiety when it comes to their teenager dating for the first time. The age at which a teen should be "allowed" to date depends on your child's maturity and a bit of your own gut instinct.

Although there is no set age at which it is appropriate for a teen to being dating, often many parents start to allow their teen to go on group dates around 13 or 14. Once teens get into high school around 15 it's common for them to begin going on limited one-on-one dates. Well in my opinion i think that dating is not right for me. If it's working out for yourself, then i think it's fine. But i think it's not right for myself, because i don't want to get hurt. And i think an appropriate age would be sixteen. And i think hanging out at school is fine.

Talking on the phone is also fine. Going to the movie is fine. But try not to get yourself into a situation you know you or your parent or parents would not want you to be in. And if anyone is pressuring you into anything you don't want to do, you know you don't have to do it. As the parent, you know your child best, so if you feel that they are not emotionally mature enough to handle a relationship it's ok to wait a year before they are allowed to go on single dates. In the meantime they can talk on the phone and socialize at school.

Don't let your teen or pre-teen make you feel guilty because "their friends are all dating. " If you feel that they aren't ready, wait a while! You should know that there is research that demonstrates that children ages 10-12 who begin steady dating often do more poorly in school and have more behavior problems. Thus, there is some agreement as to what is too "young", but there is little understanding of a universal right age. Most experts believe that if teens under age 15 are allowed to date, they should engage in group dates exclusively and a responsible adult should be present.

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