What Is Your Career Goal

What are your short-term and long-term career goals? How will Chicago business school help you achieve these goals? China successfully keeps its economy booming, but its healthcare technology ranks lowest among top productive countries. After four years of work in different functions of a top global company and a leading local investment bank, I am more determined than ever to pursue a career in this vital industry driven by my social responsibility and personal interest. In the long run, I aspire to advance healthcare technologies in Asia through capital power.

Three years ago, when I was a sophomore, SARS plagued China. The problem was how to detect fever. Aspired by traditional Chinese medical theories, I came up with an idea to detect pulse frequency at the wrist, rendering a more accurate result compared to many available methods in the market. My major was mechanical science, I soon called up six friends with different strengths; they were all fascinated with such an idea. We used a sensor installed in a watch to collect people’ pulse data, which was sent wirelessly to a mobile phone that installs a software analyzing the data.

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I applied for a patent which won me the second prize in the National Innovation Contest, the highest level technology competition among university students. Such an imperfect experience triggered my deep reflection about my career. I found that real and practical business know-how is critical to realize my dream. Soon I obtained an offer from Honeywell as a management program trainee. After 1 years sales and marketing rotation, I gained better insights about the corporate operation process. Then I pursued my career in real financial word.

In Citic PE, a top tier PE company in China, I worked as research analyst in healthcare sector. With my past experience in different functions, I have better projection of my client’s individual requirement. Life in banking is competitive, challenging and fast-paced. However, my experience is limited in scope. It is undeniable that my past industry experience are valuable, but it is also true that I have not gained professional value investing skill. As well, I lack a more general view about up-to-date techniques and an outlook in the healthcare industry.

Now, it is the right time to integrate my knowledge/skill sets and strengthen my worldview through the MBA program. New York City is home to some of the world’s largest healthcare corporations, as well as major industry investors. CBS Healthcare Industry Association and the Pharmaceutical Management Program will benefit us from this proximity to eminent industry practitioners. Meanwhile, I will be the catalyst of the association. I cannot wait to join the course to share my learnings and engage in the Pharmaceutical Management Program to tell my success or failure stories about start-ups.

After the MBA education, my goal still requires two key transformations. In the short term, with my potential offer, I will go back to Citic for equity research. By then, I will have experiences to know how to drive good medical company growth in the capital market. In the long term, I will assume a new role as a value investor. I have seen local cases where a few healthcare companies grew and prospered, with heroic entrepreneurs emerging. What I envision, however, is the sustained growth of a large number of companies that will finally drive an irreversible trend of the entire nation’s healthcare technology breakthrough.

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