What Makes a Good Logo

“What makes a good logo”? - What Makes a Good Logo introduction?? Discuss and comment on this topic. Give examples where necessary to illustrate your comments using key words There is many ways to make a good logo. A good logo is simple, memorable and timeless etc. A good logo has to be easy to read and comprehend. It has to look good on everything from a business card to a humungous billboard. This means it will also be scalable. It has to be memorable.

An effective logo needs to be memorable and it is achieved by having a simple and appropriate logo. A good example is the underground logo. A logo has to have a simple font. It has to be easy to read and copy. If it stands out it can be recognised easily e. g. the starbucks coffee logo. Two colours are enough for a good logo because it makes the logo more memorable. It helps if the colours go well together e. g. Coke Cola (red and white). A logo has to be effective without colour e. . McDonalds “M”. A good logo does not only need to work in black and white, but it should also still be effective. If colour is needed to communicate the message is then there is maybe too much emphasis. A good logo should be easy to recognise. The logo should be unique enough to prevent confusion with other companies’ logos e. g. American Airlines and Ryanair. In conclusion, all of the points made are needed to make a good and effective but simple logo.

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