What Makes a Great Speaker Essay

The first thing that makes a great speech is to make the point clearly and early in their speech because if the audience does not know what the speech is about then they will most likely stop paying attention because most of the speech will not make scene but when they do know the main point it is easier for the audience to understand the whole speech - What Makes a Great Speaker Essay introduction. The second one is to know the audience and meet their needs because if the speech is not something they like then the audience will stop listening or it can get worse people might fight back but when it is about them they will support and back up the speech.

The third one is humor and personality because it works as an ice breaker and relives tension between the audience and speaker plus humor or personality always has a connection with the audience because it makes the speech more easy going when using humor and more relatable when using personality in the speech. The fourth one is to stand and deliver no holding back once the speech starts they do not stop when they mess up. What I would like to be true of the speeches I give by the end of this semester is that I want my speeches to be effective in the scene that my point gets across to the audience.

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One of the characteristics of a great speaker is authoritative because the audience want a speaker that knows what he/ she is talking about. Second characteristics is their appearance because an appearance talks a lot about a person and people also judge a book by its cover even though people might judge wrong that is why appearance is a big part of a great public speaker. Third characteristics is anecdotes because that always gets the audience attention; people like stories so when someone tells a story everyone around the speaker are very focused and people always remember the stories people tell them.

Fourth characteristics is animation because that brings the speech to life; if the speaker has a great speech but just stands their like a statue and has a mono tone voice the speech is going to be really boring and less effective. Fifth characteristics is consideration for the audience because if the speaker focus only on the message or them self the audience might lose their connection with the speaker, but if the speaker gets the audience involved and interacts with them they start to establish a connection and the speakers message will become more memorable and effective.

The characteristics that I would like to posses by the end of the semester are all of them because they are all really essential top public speaking. Two of the characteristics that I already possess are animation and appearance and they help me in many different ways. My animation helps me connect with the audience because it lets the audience see my happy energetic side that anyone can get along with.

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