What Makes a Song Boring? Essay

A striking intro, a compelling chorus that harmoniously complements every line from the verse, these are the elements that comprise a particular song’s entertainment value - What Makes a Song Boring? Essay introduction. However, as much as a song’s elements contribute to the art-form‘s appeal to the mass audience, its entertainment value remains dependent of a listener’s preferences or the collective perspective of tlisteners. Primarily, songs listeners’ preferences differ, there are those who go after the instrumental compositions, while some are after the lyrical content.. In any event, a song pushes a listener to the far reaches of boredom if the listener cannot relate to it.

Considering the impact of lyrics to listeners, listeners engage in a particular song due to its ability to resonate in the listener’s current state of affairs. In this sense, a song becomes boring when its lyrical content begins to violate or challenge established collective norms and beliefs that serve as their basis of existence. The harmony of instruments or the technique of how a particular song is arranged sometimes overlaps the lyrical content giving it value for appreciation. A particular blues song for instance rouses a person’s emotional side through the lingering notes played by the musicians.

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What Makes a Song Boring?
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Therefore, the absence of harmony gives music a deprecating nature because of a song’s failure to engage the listener and his or her expectations for the composition. Like all other art-forms that seek the attraction of appreciation, the elements of songs are largely responsible in upbringing appreciation. Regardless if it is driven by angst, paranoia, hatred, loneliness, love, compassion, or extreme enthusiasm, the elements of music as determined by listeners are still the more important factors in keeping a song’s entertainment value.

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