What Should Be the Governmental Response to Welfare Essay

The Social Welfare Assistance or the interest of the public is indeed a major concern for the society, which the government is asked to protect and serve - What Should Be the Governmental Response to Welfare Essay introduction. Hence, the social assistance is a significant part of the country and leaders, together with the government, are perceived to be one of the permanent and important program actors of the governing organization. In a sense, such support for the people would work accordingly to uplift the living conditions of the public, most especially for those who are less fortunate in life.

Nonetheless, such support from the government is vital for the society for it would intend to improve the society economically and socially. Moreover, there are two different approaches of social welfare assistance. These are the conservative and liberal welfare. The Conservative Welfare approach of assistance is all about rendering direct social service or aid for the people that are less fortunate and are not able to support themselves (Thyer, 2005).

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What Should Be the Governmental Response to Welfare
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In addition to this, conservative approach of welfare assistance is less inclined to advocate general entitlement programs that render for the benefit of people that were completely able to support their needs and is capable to take care for themselves (Thyer, 2005). Moreover, the conservative welfare assistance is known to be an advocate of protecting and attending to the financial aid of the people and other factors such as retirement benefits and health care assistance (Thyer, 2005).

Hence, the conservative concept of social welfare is all about the direct support to the people provided by the government (Thyer, 2005). Liberal Approach, on the other hand, is all about rendering social services where the public assistance requires or entails an interactive participation between the people and the government (Patrick, 1995). For instance, one of the liberal welfare reforms in the United States centers is providing or helping the teenage and single mother in the country to support themselves (Patrick, 1995).

With this, the federal government has formed job training and education assistance and child care programs to be able to acquire new things and learn something that would eventually help them in the future in providing for themselves (Patrick, 1995). As such, the liberal welfare approach is something wherein its effect or outcome would be measurable in a given span of time where the public assistance also concentrates in supporting the people and at the same time encouraging the people help themselves by means of various trainings or learning programs (Patrick, 1995).

In the end, the government response to welfare assistance must be in the liberal approach considering the fact that there are also a number of work and social factors that are in need of appropriate attention. Likewise, the liberal welfare concept is also inclined to have positive outcomes that is intended for a long period of time.

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