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When Is a House Called a Home Essays

A home is where you can’t sleep because of the noise made by your brother or sister or even friends who are having a sleep over. A house is a place where you can eat your meals in a peaceful way. A home is when you eat your food fast so that you can eat the food of your siblings, even friends; and have a quarrel about who eats whose food. A house is where you and your family can eat dinner and talk about the day. A home is where you can sit in the sofa together with your family and watch a movie will eating.

A house is where you can change your clothes and have a pick whether what to wear. A home is where you can pick any clothes to wear; and when your friend sees it saying “hey! That’s my shirt” and you’ll just simply reply, “Well, it’s mine now. ” A house is a place where you can take a bath and all the hygienic things you want to do. A home is where you can be dirty as long as you want; a place where you’ll spread the dirt to your siblings or friends. A house is where you can study even in all directions; standing, lying, sitting, even floundering.

A home is where you cannot concentrate in studying because someone’s head is in your legs or someone’s feet are in your chest. A house is a place where you can pee, anytime you want. A home is where there are three people in the comfort room, because they cannot hold it anymore, they pee back to back with each other. A house is where you knock on the door and asking permission to get inside. A home is where you directly pass on the open door and annoy your brother or sister to have fun. A house is a place to help you in memorizing a poem or an oratorical piece.

A home is where you cannot focus on what you are doing because of constant distraction of making faces. A house is where you can play after doing your assignments. A home is when you’re playing while doing your assignments. A house is where you can use your telephone to call your friends or special someone, if there is, to have a private conversation. A home is where you can talk to someone on the phone then suddenly hear someone inhaling and laughing at the other line; someone is listening to your conversation.

A house is where you can tell your feelings or your crushes at school. A home is when you’re afraid to admit that you have a crush on someone because you’re sure that they will tease you and they will make fun of your crush. A house is where you laugh at funny things. A home is when they laugh at you because you look funny. A house is where you criticize things in an intellectual way. A home is when you criticize someone just to make fun of them but in a nice way. A house is where your mother teaches you how to fix your hair and do your make up as you become a lady.

A home is when you’re asleep and suddenly wake up with weird ball pen tattoos in your face and you hair is a total mess. A house is where you say sorry when you offended one of your relative. A home is when you insult someone but they don’t get offended, instead they smile and call you something even more offensive. A house is where you can cry without being ashamed of. A home is where your tears are replaced by smiles because your siblings or parents or friends make you laugh. A house is where they’ll get angry and fight with the one who hurt your feelings.

A home is when they’ll strike you on the nape for not listening to their advices and eventually, cheering you up by setting up a new date for you. A house is where they protect you to maniacs in the road. A home is when your sibling or friends will pretend as your boyfriend or girlfriend when some maniac is looking at you. A house is the place where they stop you when you are already embarrassing yourself. A home is when you feel embarrassed and your siblings of your friends join you through the most embarrassing moment of your life.

A house is a place where there is a mom, dad, sister, brother and sometimes a pet. A home is a place where your dad could be your mom and your mom could be your dad or your pet could be your brother or sister. It could also be that your friend is your mom or dad or vice versa. But when is a house can be called as a home? When it is build with laughter, tears, fears, hope, kindness, courage, friendship and love; it is a home. A house can give you shelter, but a home will protect you. Anywhere can be your house and anywhere that you are happy and contented with is a home.

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