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White Collar Crime

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White Collar Crimes is a very difficult subject, as it has no true definition. There are many different types of white collar crimes, some still unknown. Late in the 1930’s Edwin Sutherland described white collar crimes as criminal activities of the rich and powerful (Siegel, Larry J. , pg. 372) White Collar Crimes is a term that is use loosely for crimes involving commercial fraud, cheating consumers, swindles, insider trading on the stock market, embezzlement and other forms of dishonest business schemes. This term comes from the out of date assumption that business executives wear white shirts and ties.

Hill, Gerald & Kathleen, 2005) Throughout this paper is going to be a brief description of the foundations and enforcement of white collar crime. White Collar Crimes are very difficult to investigate. These cases take a lot of time, a lot investigation, and a lot of documentation. When an investigator takes on a case, such as embezzlement, they understand the complexity of the case. The investigator is willing to put the effort into the building their case.

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White Collar Crime
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White collar case can take many years of investigation, review, and then trial.

Each investigator must make sure that they have an investigation plan. There is nothing that can be left out. The plan must limit any unnecessary steps or avoid any duplicated steps. The investigator must harmonize with all personal involved in the case. There are not any special skills needed to follow a plan but rather knowledge of the fundamentals of the crime. The main question is when it comes to white collar crimes is, why? Why is it that respectable people that are financially stable involve themselves in these perilous schemes? A white collar crime requires a lot of power, trust, and work.

Some of the high ranking executives do it just out of greed. Their arrogance assists them into believing that they are above the law and/or will not get caught. They are the types that think of the prize and not the consequence. They may also have themselves believing that this could be a shortcut to becoming very wealthy. Greed may be a great motivator to these types of crimes, but it is not the only driver. Some feel as though they need to do it. The reasoning behind it can be financial reasons. They feel they need it to do this to support their family and children.

There are some that it is completely psychological, similar to an adrenaline junkie. Some do it because they believe that they have the power to get away with it. Those persons lack the self control and decline the fact of good moral ethics. It is disturbing that these people lack the portion of the brain telling them to this is not right. It was defined in the textbook that white collar crimes are the criminal crimes committed by the rich and power. White collar crimes can be very difficult to investigate, unless an investigation plan has been created. There are many different theories of why these criminal have done what they have done.


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