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White Paper Suggested Format I - White Paper Format introduction. Introduction A. Write your selected title for the Project B. Write your name, campus address, campus phone and fax number, your email address. C. Write a brief description of the project (1 or 2 paragraphs) using layman’s terms if possible. D. Identify the length of time for the project Background A. B. C. III. A. B. IV. Describe the history of your department/organization. Describe the expertise and scholarship available to address the problem. Describe similar successes of your work.

Need Write several paragraphs illustrating the definition of the problem or need. Write several paragraphs describing the significance of the need. Solution A. Write several paragraphs outlining your solutions to the problem or need. B. Describe how, when, and with what resources the solutions will take place. C. Describe in detail the methodology to be implemented in the solution of the problem. D. Create a simple time-line of the project Benefits A. Describe how your solution will bring new and revolutionary thought to the issue. B. Describe how your solution will benefit the university, state, nation, world. Evaluation A. Describe how you propose to evaluate the program, validating the success/failure of the project (sell, institutional peers, contract, etc. ) B. Tell how the evaluation will be made available to the government. Cost Identify a Principal Investigator with an associated percentage of time required to successfully accomplish the project. Identify other professors with an associated percentage of time required to successfully accomplish the project.

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Identify number of student assistants required to accomplish the project (each work approximately 20 hours per week during the life of the project). Identify any equipment needed to successfully accomplish the task (particularly specialized equipment). Estimate dollars per year needed for current expenses (phone, paper, photocopying, etc. ) Estimate number of in-state travel miles dedicated to the project. Estimate number of out-of-state-travel trips required, location, length of stay, etc. Identify any consultants required to accomplish the task. Estimate the cost of each.

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