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Whitley Strieber is the writer of many non-fiction best sellers - Whitley Strieber Research Paper Whitley Strieber Essay introduction. His most celebrated books

include: The Wolfen, The Hunger, Night Church, War Day, Wolf of Shadow, Nature? s

End, Cat Magic, Transformation, Majestic, Billy, The Wild, Unholy Fire, Forbidden

Zone, Breakthrough: The Following Measure, The Secret School, Evenings With Devils: Narratives

of Thirty Years, and Confirmation: The Hard Evidence.

Whitley Strieber is best known for his autobiographical history of his

experiences with unusual? visitants? who came to his cabin in the New York countryside,

titled Communion. Communion was published in 1987 and sold more than 250,000

transcripts and was figure one on the NewYork Times non-fiction best marketer list for two

hebdomads. It is the narrative of Strieber? s effort to cover with an assault from the unknown. He

and his household allegedly have had a series of luxuriant personal brushs with

intelligent non-human existences. At first he thought he was losing his head. Unconcerned

with the whole phenomenon of UFOs and aliens, he viewed them as easy

interpretable misperceptions or hallucinations. Strieber was impolitely awakened when these

? visitants? began to take over his life.

Strieber describes the arresting effects of his brush in the most in writing manner

possible. Frightened and funny, he faces the unknown, ? whose eyes seem to gaze into

the deepest attention of being, seeking the really depths of the psyche & # 8211 ; seeking Communion. ?

Whitley Strieber is besides greatly known for his follow-up book to Communion,

called Breakth

rough: The Following Measure. After composing the book, Communion, Strieber

cryptically retired from public life in 1989. At the clip, he said that he would non

return until he had something new to state about the existences he had come to name? the

visitants? .

In 1989, Strieber had gotten compelling cogent evidence that the visitants were existent. His first

urge was to hotfoot the information to the imperativeness, but Strieber was afraid how the universe

would respond to this arresting grounds. He decided to set his information into another

book, Breakthrough: The Following Measure. This book deals with Strieber? s five twelvemonth battle to

understand. He asks many inquiries: Who are they? What are their purposes? What do

they want and need from us? He observed as they entered the lives of his household and

closest friends. He watched over the old ages how the household changed and the singular

consequence of the visitants on their kid.

There has ne’er been an unexplained experience so carefully documented or

extensively witnessed by others. He has passed four lie sensor trials and he has been

examined for many diseases both physical and mental. Not merely is he wholly normal,

the cogent evidence he presents in this book could convert a jury.

Another book that Strieber wrote is Billy. This book is about a psychopathologic

kidnapper who is looking for the perfect kid to maintain as his ain boy. This deranged adult male

moves from kid to child and eventually comes across Billy. he attempts to brainwash Billy

and attempts to acquire him to believe that he is his male parent. Personally, I found it difficult to set the

book down.

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