Who the Hell is Medusa Expression? Essay

This publisher has quietly published its second book (the first being Skull-Face) titled The Daughter of Erlik Khan - Who the Hell is Medusa Expression? Essay introduction. This small, thin hardcover of one El Borak story sports a God-awful nudie green cover. No surprise since the photographer/artist (Serge Jacques) specializes in nudie French postcards. To my knowledge, these overpriced rip-offs are not sanctioned by Howard Properties and clearly go against the objectives they are trying to achieve. Details can be found at the Coming Attractions website. Clearly, it’s outrageous to ask fans to cough up $45.00 to $60.00 for one PD Howard story. Certainly no one is twisting anyone’s arm to buy this book, but fans who mindlessly buy everything Howard will certainly shell out dough for it.  This fan won’t.

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Who the Hell is Medusa Expression?
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