Whole Foods Market Diversity Audit Proposal

This paper will focus on the diversity within the employee ranks of Whole Foods Market.

The audit will delve into the company’s background as well as focusing on the type of diversity practices that are in place at present. I will be visiting the company’s mission statement and the underlying culture concerns that have become the driving force behind why Whole Foods has made “Fortunes” top 100 best businesses to work for 13 years in a role. I will be conducting research on literature reviews, blobs, and news articles that pertain to employee diversity at Whole Foods.The audit will consist of facts that I read while doing the background research on Whole Foods and how the company addresses and approaches diversity within their organization.

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I plan to spend time focusing on the four main people that created Whole Foods essential business model. These four people had a deep emotional bond concerning the company’s values, employment diversity and finally the mission statement. These concerns and beliefs became a guiding light for many new businesses of the Twenty First Century.First the CEO and co-founder John Mackey co author of “Conscious Capitalism”, and his then-girlfriend Rene Lawson Hardy, and then Craig Weller and Mark Skills owners of Clarksville Natural Grocery.

This is when the company named Whole Foods Market became a reality. Finally, I will be making some suggestions and recommendation on how Whole Foods can possibly improve their current state of diversity but first I will share some of the history and background of Whole foods.Whole Foods Market History Whole Foods Market was founded in Austin, Texas, when four local businesspeople decided the natural foods industry was ready for a supermarket format In 1978, went-five year old college dropout John Mackey and twenty-one year old Rene Lawson Hardy, borrowed $45,000 from family and friends to open the doors of a small natural foods store called Safety in Austin, Texas (the name being a spoof of Safety, which operated stores under their own name in Austin at that time).When the couple got booted out of their apartment for storing food products there, they decided to simply live at the store.

Since it was zoned commercial, there was no shower stall. Instead, they bathed in the Hobart dishwasher, which had an attached water hose. Two years later, John and Rene partnered with Craig Weller and Mark Skills to merge Safety with their Clarksville Natural Grocery, resulting in the opening of the original Whole Foods Market on September 20, 1980.At 10,500 square feet and a staff of 19, this store was quite large in comparison to the standard health food store of the time.

Less than a year later, on Memorial Day in 1981, the worst flood in 70 years devastated the city of Austin. Caught in the flood waters, the store’s inventory was wiped out and most of the equipment was damaged. The losses were approximately $400,000 and Whole Foods Market had no insurance. Customers and neighbors voluntarily Joined the staff to repair and clean up the damage.

Creditors, vendors and investors all provided breathing room for the store to get back on its feet and it re-opened only 28 days after the flood. (Whole Foods Staff Writers, 2007) Pieces of the Whole Much AT ten growth T Win lee Foods company NAS Eden accomplishes tongue mergers and acquisitions. The story of Whole Foods is incomplete without honoring the 13 notable companies. Beginning in 1984, Whole Foods Market began its expansion out of Austin, first to Houston and Dallas and then into New Orleans.

N 1988.In 1989, they expanded to the West Coast with a store in Palo Alto, California. While continuing to open new stores from the ground up, they fueled rapid growth by acquiring other natural foods chains throughout the ass’s. Whole Foods Market started their third decade with additional acquisitions in Northern California and then into Atlanta.

In 2001, Whole Foods moved into Manhattan, New York generating a good deal of interest from the media and financial industries. 002 saw an expansion into Canada and in 2004, Whole Foods Market entered the United Kingdom.Gadwall, 2012) Whole Foods Strives to Be an Ethical Corporate Citizen Whole Foods has received recognition for ethical business practices, environmental responsibility, and customer satisfaction. However, no company can avoid ethical issues, and even the highest rated in social responsibility can make mistakes.

The bigger an organization is, the more ethical risks it assumes. As Whole Foods has grown, it has encountered several ethical issues. Some of this growth has come from acquiring other stores, which has caused some criticism from those that did not want heir smaller community grocery stores to shut down or be acquired.In the Jamaica Plain neighborhood of Boston, Whole Foods decided to acquire a local Latin American store called Hi-Lo, many local residents objected, considering Whole Foods products to be too expensive.

Most large retail chain must exert caution when moving into a new community as their impact will almost inevitably have an impact on rival, and often smaller, retailers.. In 2007 Whole Foods announced it was acquiring Wild Oats for $565 million. This acquisition would eliminate a key competitor as well as give Whole Foods access into new markets.

However, the proposed acquisition generated immediate controversy, this time from regulators. The Federal Trade Commission filed a lawsuit to block the acquisition, claiming that it would reduce competition in the industry and thus violate antitrust laws. Cited in the complaint were emails from CEO John Mackey stating that a merger between the two companies would help avoid “price wars. ” (Price wars often happen when two close competitors are trying to outdo one another and gain market share.

This was another sign that perhaps Whole Foods wanted to gain from less competition. (Gadwall, 2012)

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