Why Black Students deemed as trouble makers Essay

Hypothesis – Black students deemed as trouble makers. I have decided to conduct my research on Education – Ethnic Minority. I Chosen to research this because I feel as a black student I am stereotyped, conducting research will mean I will be able to find out reasons for this stereotype. Also furthermore I want to research the Hypothesis so I can gain understanding on if the stereotype is true to a certain extent.

They are a number of researchers who agree with the hypothesis, such as Jonathan Blundell, he agrees that black students are victim firstly to, self prophecy being called trouble makers causing student belief of tag. Also labelling, Jonathan Blundell agrees that students are being labelled ‘once labelled, it can be very hard to shake of the label’, this shoes how hard it can be for ethnic minorities.

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Why Black Students deemed as trouble makers
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So overall my hypothesis is being supported by Jonathan Blundell he agrees that ‘Black Students are deemed as trouble makers’ so I will stick with the hypothesis ,create various questionnaires, research with book and interne, to gather information on why black students are deemed as trouble makers and also how this can be shaked off as a stereotype. But the shaking of is considered hard quoted by Jonathan Blundell.


My aim is to investigate why Black Students deemed as trouble makers. I decided to investigate this topic, since I have many black friends who feel they are immediately stereotype when going to class. They feel I should try investigate way they are considered trouble makers, labelling seen to cause a negative effect in school.

I have decided to make use of questionnaire, is my main method of primary research. The reason for this mehod of primary research is because it allows me to find out specific information from a certain choice of answers.

Before I complete my questionnaire, I will design a pilot study, as a way of testing whether people will be able to accurately provide me with legitimate details of what I need to prove or disapprove my hypothesis.

I had decided to randomly select 3 black students to complete my pilot study. They will be a selection of male and female students age 15, from Kingsford Community School. The reasons I chose a stratified subject, because i want to use only black students to prove my hypothesis.

I will then analyse the results of my pilot study. However I understand that the questions may be difficult for the respondents to understand, or that the language may not be user friendly. So the pilot study will be redesigned in a structured questionnaire.

I will create a questionnaire, which will consist of about ten questions, I have decided to use stratified samples to complete my questionnaire, as this will enable people from all cross sections of society to discuss their views. If I don’t find respondents from Kingsford Community School, I will find respondents in from Brampton Manor.

As part of my secondary research I will use a variety of methods, Text Books (Active Sociology for GCSE), the Internet (Wikepedia, Yahoo Answers and Google) and Newspaper Article. Also any other material in use.

I will compare the results of my primary and secondary research; I will complete a series of Graphs, Charts and Tables, to quantify my results which will prove/disprove my hypothesis to be correct or incorrect. When completing an analysis of my results, I will also provide a qualitative format, which discusses the trends and correlation between the questions which were asked and answers which were provided. The primary research findings will be compared and contrasted to that of the secondary research results.


I am choosing between using a questionnaire to figure out the accuracy of my hypothesis. Using a questionnaire, I will a stratified sample of random Black 15yr olds, who will answer questions to figure out how they feel about black youth labelling. Then I will create another question whether random white 15yr old students can decide if they fell black students are victims’ discrimination to a certain extent.

Then I will also choose to base my work on a secondary source, I will use groups of charts and tables which show how black students are discriminated against, this will be shown by lower grades, and expectancy of getting high grades.

Another method is an interview were I will personally interview a blacks students ask various open questions in which a whole answer is given, I will then gain wider picture then decipher an overall thought on discrimination of black students.

Pilot Study

Q1.What is your name?

David Ajayi

Q2.What is your ethnicity?

Black British Nigerian

Q3.Do you think Black students are victims of labelling?

Yes No

Q4.Do you believe the Tag ‘Trouble Makers’ is appropriate for Black Students?

No, because this gives a whole race a stereotype on behalf of a small minority of bad students

Q5. Is the only Black Students the only race victim of labelling?

Yes No

Q6. How do you think this label ‘Trouble Maker’ can be erased?

The label ‘Trouble Maker’ can be erased by overall change in school and reducing Black on Black crime.

Q7. Do you think Self- Fulfilling Prophecy is causing Black Students low grades?

No, as many students don’t take notice to Self- Fulfilling Prophecy

Q8.Do you think this questionnaire was useful.


Primary Research

Primary research (also called field research) involves the collection of data that does not already exist. This can be through numerous forms, including questionnaires and telephone interviews amongst others. This information may be collected in things like questionnaires, magazines and interviews.The definition of primary research is meaning that a collect data that doesn’t exist, so I will create my surveys and questionnaires, to gather necessary data, support or not support my hypothesis.

Q1. What is your name?

Q2.What is your ethnicity?

Q3.Do you think black students are victim of bulling by teachers?

Yes No


Q4.Do you believe the name ‘Trouble makers’ is fitting for black students?

Yes No


Q5. Are only black students victim of educational bulling? (Do Asian and White students face racial discrimination by teachers?)

Q6.How do you think this tag ‘Trouble makers’ be erased as a stereotype for black students?

Q7.Do you think that teachers cause Black students low grades?

Q8. Do you think this questionnaire is useful?

Interview Questions (Primary Research)

1. What is your name?

2. Where in Africa or the Caribbean are you from?

3. Do you think black students are victims of discrimination,

why is this?

4. Do you think there is a reason for the stereotype that black students are unintelligent?

5. How do you think black students can erase the certain stereotypes and discrimination put toward them?

6. Do you thin educational bulling is the reason for students low grades

7. Do you think the interview was useful (helping establish black students hassles)

Secondary Research

In this page, I have to try and find out information, statistics and quotes in which will help make my hypothesis either true ore false.

This quote from an article made by the Daily Mail (Jessica Shepherd) taken from the database of HESA (Higher Education Statistics Agency) said ‘that in 2003-04, 63.1% of white students obtained a first or 2:1 in their undergraduate degrees. In the same academic year, 35.5% of black students obtained a first or 2:1 in their undergraduate degrees’ this shows

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