Why Can Samsung and Apple Dominate the Smartphone Market in Hong Kong Essay

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Hong Kong Community College CCN1005 English for Academic Studies (Business) I Project Title:Why can Samsung and Apple dominate the smartphone market in Hong Kong? - Why Can Samsung and Apple Dominate the Smartphone Market in Hong Kong Essay introduction?? Group:A15 Date of Submission:14 Dec 2012 Student Number| Student Name| Signature| 12670196A| CHAN Lai Ying, Catherine| | 12665305A| TONG Yin Ting, Charmaine| | 12668914A| YEUNG Sing Keung, Shawn| | Oligopoly is a ubiquitous phenomenon in most, if not all, free market economies, let alone Hong Kong. As an old saying goes, Rome was not built in one day.

Instead of taking place in a trice, it was only after years of competitions between rivalries in a field could oligopoly be eventually constituted. Amongst assorted industries in Hong Kong subject to the omnipresence of oligopoly, the smartphone market is an emerging field with two gigantic companies, Apple and Samsung, conquering the majority of market share (Online Marketing Trends, 2012). Every why has a wherefore and likewise every successful business has a recipe. The recipe behind the two market leaders’ success, which is by no means complex, can be summarized into three attributes.

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Why Can Samsung and Apple Dominate the Smartphone Market in Hong Kong
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With the creative ideas, advanced technology, and good promotion methods, Samsung and Apple managed to dominate the market of smartphone industry in Hong Kong in recent years. To commence with creativity, both companies impress users with exclusively new designs and revolutionary functions that set the new standard for smartphones and lead the market trend. The role of Apple and Samsung as pioneers in the field helps them dominate the market shares. Apple, first of all, redefined ‘smartphones’ with its authentic design of touchscreen.

In the past, a smartphone either comes with a keypad or a pressure-sensitive touchscreen that needs a pen for accurate command. The need for an additional medium for input of command lowers the portability and ease of control. Exhausting its great creativity, Apple has created an authentic touchscreen controllable by bare fingers, namely ‘Capacitance Screen’. Such a design comes with a ‘multi-touch’ control interface which allows users to drag on the screen with fingers to enlarge or contract content swiftly. Internet browsing and other multi-media usage are well facilitated with the easier and more direct control.

Such a creative design is a trend-setting breakthrough as it sets a new standard to all smartphones. This even gave rise to a common misconception from many people that iPhone is the first smartphone. Without this design, input of command and control will not be as easy and user-friendly. Causation is thus formed between this creative screen design and the extensibility of smartphone in terms of Apps development and multi-media compatibility. In other words, it helps shaping smartphone a gadget for the general public. Samsung has also done a great job in influencing, inspiring, and impressing the market with creativity

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