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Why Do Most Young People Prefer to Work for a Large Corporation? Essays

Since my childhood I have dreamed to work for big companies like “Intel” or ”Texas Instruments” for several reasons and possibility for career rise, corporate spirit and the exact occupation of any employee are among them. First of all I guess that a large firm provides more possibilities for their workers like boundless career growth and professional seminars than a small firm because of bigger funds. It’s possible to start as a simple clerk in the huge corporation and become a bigwig as the result. The employee on certain position has certain wage.

Any company needs in qualifying workers but the big corporation could afford more expansive trainings, so if I work for such firm my own professional level will gradually increase. I like corporate style and spirit of the huge companies. Having a job in such company you believe that you are the necessary part of a big organism. Everyone knows company like “AMD”, “Boeing” and “Motorola” and their workers are proud of the company’s world status. It’s possible to say anywhere that I was working as an engineer for BMW and enjoy a high esteem. In large company you may concentrate on your main work.

It’s contrasted with an employee in a small company who must be a wide specialist because of enough people lack. But if a person concentrates on the narrow area of anything he will be able to be a great professional in such field. If anyone has to be an economist, an engineer and a secretary at the same time he will never be the valuable professional. I think that the purposeful man could achieve the gorgeous results either in a small company or in a big one. But I suppose that the work in the huge corporation gives more opportunities for the employees.

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