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Why do People do Drugs?

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Drugs are a substance that causes change in people’s mental, social, emotional and physical state. Why do people do drugs? People do drugs for various reasons both positive and negative. Sometimes people have to take drugs for medical reasons. However, there are those people who abuse drugs. There are many legal and illegal drugs available in today’s society. All drugs, inappropriately used, can be harmful to a person’s body. The results of drug abuse can be fatal or can cause a person to become involved with the law.

These people would not be involved with the law otherwise.

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Why do People do Drugs?
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Why do people take such risks when other options can leave them with a healthier mind, body and soul? In addition, there are various drugs available to people of all ages. When an individual is alone he/she would not try a drug alone, there is always someone their. Individuals are responsible for their own choices; some people are forced to try something there not interested in.

Some individuals need the drug for different reasons. Actually, some individuals get prescription from there pharmacist because of their sicknesses or diseases.

In today’s society, there are various drugs in different categories such as over the counter, tobacco, alcohol and illegal drugs. For example, some legal drugs that are prescribed can be addictive or non-addictive. Medicines are legal drugs, meaning doctors are allowed to prescribe them for patients, stores can sell them, and people are allowed to buy them. But it’s not legal, or safe, for people to use these medicines any way they want or to buy them from people who are selling them illegally. Tobacco is another drug that is sold in public stores. Stogie is another name for cigarettes.

Tobacco could be a non-expensive drug or it can be expensive. In similarity, alcohol is sold in public stores. Alcohol can be expensive or non-expensive, depends how much you want to spend on any purchase. In addition, alcohol can be nasty by, having problems with life or whichever situation or you can have a sociable drink and be responsible. Nevertheless, many people are not able to control their behavior and they become very dependent on drugs and alcohol. Lastly, illegal drugs can lead you into troubles. There are so many illegal drugs out their.

In fact, individuals try these drugs and get a higher buzz or high. Illegal drugs can lead you to danger with yourself and with the law. The law can lead you into something you should have may agreed or disagreed in your life. Drugs change your life. Why do drugs and alcohol? Ritalin is a legal pill that many abuse. When abused, it stimulates the mind body in much the same way as amphetamines and cocaine. Drugs are a substance that causes change in people’s mental, social, emotional and physical state. There are various drugs such as over the counter, alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs.

Any of the various drugs can be harmful or helpful to an individual’s body. An individual is responsible for his or her own actions. Drugs can change an individual’s life that is addicted to drugs such as sickness, weight loss, memory loss, family problems and diseases. Individuals can buy any type of drug they want. Depends on how much money a person has. People may do anything in order to get high or even if they are sick for a medication. Medication may help individuals that need the prescription. On the mental state of drugs, any type of drug can also harm an individual.

Trying a drug also is a challenge to your body or life. An individual can get addicted by trying a drug and liking it. When addiction occurs, your results will be craving, seeking, stealing, your behavior and even lying to someone for their money. An individual can receive money when he/she needs it to buy a drug. In order to buy the drugs, an individual may start selling their items. Disappointingly, individual’s withdrawal and fean for their type of drug. Sometimes, people need a type of drug that is prescribed to them. A prescription drug may help an individual that has a disease.

Prescription drugs are also addictive. In addition, people take advantages of the prescript drugs by getting more than needed and start selling their medication. An individual can change their social life with illegal drugs by hanging with strangers. In actuality, individuals start losing things such as friends and family. Why would an individual take risks and lose what they have in life. In my opinion, I would have friends and family to be there for me when hard times been needed. In addition, people start spending every penny they get.

It’s up to an individual what they want in life. When someone tries something, it’s obviously another person has to try it. Friends or strangers can peer pressure someone who really does not want to try. However, an individual tries new adventures just to be like others. In like wise, individuals can have jobs, but will not have them for long. In fact, people abuse themselves. As well as abusing society around them. People actually try copy other people to see that they are cool in front of others; it’s really not that cool if something really happens to you.

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