Why Effective Communication Is Important in Developing Positive Relationships with Children and Young People Essay

Explain Why Effective Communication Is Important In Developing Positive Relationships With Children, Young People And Adults When working with children, adults and/or young people communication is the most important thing to building a positive relationship. Having good communication skills will help us develop better relationships especially with younger people.

Some students who lack in confidence may find it hard to communicate at all with us, so if we come across to that student in a positive and gentle manner they are more likely to open up to us and talk.

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Why Effective Communication Is Important in Developing Positive Relationships with Children and Young People
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We would not like to be spoken to in a negative way so therefore we should also be careful of how we speak to others too. Non verbal communication can also develop positive relationships.

For example if a feel that a student is coping in lesson without me being next to them at all the time and a simple smile to them across the classroom will show them that I am there should they need my help, but also shows that I’m not pressurising them by being at their side constantly.

This would help the student’s confidence in working alone. Another reason for effective communication is that if a student has had a problem in a previous lesson with another student you may not be aware of this.

It could then possibly continue and escalate into something more at a later time. Being informed by talking to teachers or support staff of the previous lesson they can tell you of the situation. This therefore would mean that you can keep a closer eye on that particular student and should anything occur later in the day you could intervene. Talking the to the student and letting them know you are aware of the situation will also make them feel more at ease in the classroom and putting their mind at rest.

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