Why Engineer?

State Of California Memorandum To: Date: From: Subject: Why do you want to be an Engineer? The practicality of an Engineer is what first intrigued me to discover more about what this field entails. It wasn’t until when I learned about how important that Engineering was to the world that finally captivated me to commit my life to it. There is definitely no doubt that Engineering is what runs the world. The role that it plays in everyday life is what keeps society running. As complicated that it may seem, Engineering has always been considered natural to me.

For most of the aspects that is found in an Engineer’s life are things that I believe I have as well. The fact that I am proactive, analytic, and composed when faced with tough situations are simply a few traits that will definitely guide me as I take this road to become a professional Engineer. The reason why I wanted to become an Engineer wasn’t a hard choice that I had to make at all. It was which exact field that I would most likely succeed in that forced me to decide. Having to choose Mechanical Engineering as opposed to all the other Engineering majors has got to be one of the biggest life decisions that I have made so far.

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Truth be told, I simply want to make an impact on this world. I want to change it for the better. If I could play at least a small role in changing the way we all live and the way our future generations would benefit from my efforts, then I would be very more than proud to have become an Engineer. Given the perks that Engineers may have, I believe Engineering holds a higher sense of meaning to our society. It amazes me that Engineers have the opportunity to lead this technological frontier that society has been experiencing thus far. They have developed, improved, and pressed on to higher limits that restricted society.

Engineers are the ones take on ideas and make them into realities. There is absolutely nothing else out there that would intrigue me as more than the concept of Engineering. From this basis, I can’t really say that there is not much else I would rather become. Although, as great as Engineering may sound now, I am still skeptical about how great it will really be about ten years from now. This is why I am still glad to be taking this introduction to Mechanical Engineering. After this course, I am hoping to have a better grasp of who I plan to be and to fulfill my dream of making a difference in this world.

As general as it may sound, I simply want to become an Engineer to make a better change to this world and everything inhabited in it. I want to know that when I am old and ready to retire that I have done something dignified in my life. As prestigious that it may be to become an Engineer, I want to know that I had actually done something useful with that degree. Without the improvements that I wish to accomplish, becoming an Engineer would be useless to my being. Therefore, I want to be an Engineer because I want to be part of something much bigger than myself.

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