Why Heroes and Villains Are Codependdent

Dakotah Boff English 1000 April 5, 2013 Why Heroes and Villains are Codependent By definition, heroes are anyone, be they men or women, who have extraordinary human qualities that other human beings do not possess - Why Heroes and Villains Are Codependdent introduction. Heroes are courageous, virtuous and superior. They can show extraordinary characteristics that inspire mankind and make ordinary people venerate and strive to achieve highest levels of personal greatness. Heroes have been there in all cultures and in all times since the beginning of time. They emerge in all sorts of activities such as sports, war, religion music, literature, dancing, drawing etc.

All cultures in the world have heroes and they need heroes to defeat the villain. They exist because people sometimes need something to believe in and motivate them to stand up and do something. Not everyone is a leader and sometimes they need a little push if you will, to understand what is right and what they need to do. A villain is generally a bad guy or a harsh, malicious person who is involved in defiant behavior and always antagonistic to the hero deeds and can be either male or female. They can use their powers to hurt others or the hero usually in violent ways.

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Thus they use war to hurt the others and become the thing that the heroes must fight to save the common people. We tell stories about these people to show our children the difference between good and evil. We teach them how to be a good person and how not to be a villain in this world. The idea and sometimes the actual physical hero are threatened by villains, people who openly dispute the existence of heroes and how the heroes are perceived in the public eye. All sorts of people create heroes and villains for different reasons and on different circumstances.

People create certain heroes on the basis of who it is that the heroes are trying to help and save in a certain dangerous situation or an activity that the villain is trying to harm. People also create heroes based on who they looked up to growing up and who inspires them. In a real life situation, the best player of the opposing team is seen as the villain because he plays well in opposition to the expectations of the fans and they can eventually cause pain. I’m not saying that every person that isn’t on your team is a bad person because that’s not the case.

I’m simply saying that you see that person as a threat during that activity. Afterwards they could be the nicest person you’ve met and you could be friends. Villains entertain people in the same manner as heroes since they depend on each other to entertain the people and perform their activities. I mean let’s face it, if either one of these people didn’t have the other, then movies, comic books, television shows, etc. would not be as entertaining. To me every single soldier in every branch of the military is a hero and should be treated as such.

I believe that most everyone would agree with me, I mean look at all the movies being made recently about the military. For example, the movie Zero Dark Thirty portrays the tale about Seal Team Six and how they took down Osama Bin Laden. This of course got a lot of attention since it was a true story of how these brave men and women took down the world’s biggest terrorist. Everyone admired these people and saw them as heroes because of the justice they had brought to Bin Laden, who was the villain. However not everyone thought he was but everyone has their own idea of what a hero and villain are.

The American people portrayed him as a terrorist because of the acts he committed on September 11, 2001. However people of Al Qaeda thought that he was a hero and worshiped him for what he did. Your perception on what a hero and a villain is can be based on your morals and how you’re raised. Heroes have characteristics that are beyond that of normal human beings and are admired for their achievements and noble qualities. A hero is recognized by communication about a heroic deed he has accomplished and how he counter acted against the villain.

Modern heroes in today’s world depend on media interest and coverage to gain the recognition they need as a heroes. The villain also needs the presence of the hero to act against his wishes; the role played by the media in this situation is to highlight the confrontation. A hero usually comes from the people and goes into a place where devastating things are occurring and where he encounters a force causing the problem and he comes out as the victor. The hero comes back from this adventure with the power to save his fellow man where he is joined into the society as one of their own again.

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