Why I Choose Teaching as My Career Essay

Nowadays, many people think easily about the teacher career by making this career the best solution to avoid from becoming an unemployed person as many other job fields are almost filled. This is also because the world competition is increasing from year to year as the educated person is also increase and the employer will choose only the best among the applicants. For me, become a teacher is not my saver career as teaching is my choice since I was in standard one. Almost my family consists of teachers and the environment makes me feel interested to become one of them.

Because of this, I also know that teaching other people is a noble career as it helps people what they did not know before this and will guides them to the right way. Other than that, teaching also can improve and widen my knowledge because before we teach others, we will make preparations by studying first the topics and subtopics. By doing the preparations, we will know better than the listener and will ready anytime if there is any questions from the audience. Besides that, I also will gain a lot of interesting experience because handling many different persons will face with different type of problems and behaviours.

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Why I Choose Teaching as My Career
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If there are many situations, we will think the solutions to solve the problems of each situation. The teacher with more professional will be existed for the goodness of the student. I am hoping that I will also become a part of these professionals and have a chance to make a difference in someone’s life. Certain people tell that they like teaching because it pays well whether at the school or at the tuition centre. But for me, teaching is not hoping for the money but your intention as God will judge every work you do through the intention. Meaning that, whatever you do begins with your intention.

Let your heart paves the right way. In addition, teaching career is not as busy as doctor or engineer career because there is no on call. So, I can balance my professional and personal life without problems. Moreover, the woman has a big responsibility at home such as cooking, sewing, washing and many more especially for the married woman. At least, they have their free time to handle the house chores that is usually in weekend because the children also have their school holiday. Being a teacher not just only teaching student in school or any tuition centre, but also our own relatives.

The knowledge are infinity and we can widen them by spreading to all people from the nearest to the farthest. When I was small, my siblings and I always played roles of teacher and student. This unforgettable experience makes me remember that my nearest people also need the knowledge. Besides that, my younger brothers always ask me about many things and I am glad that I can answer his questions. Last but not least, teachers will always be needed because of the population growth, teachers will always be in demand and this career will continue to grow from day to day. This way, teachers will be unemployed less and secure financially.

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