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I Love My Country India

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In new year this is my first post, today i. e. Jan 1 ,2010,I was sleeping on my bed in Australia ,this question strike my mind. Then I started thinking for a while ,so many thoughts came to my mind I thought of writing a post on it. Every time when someone is faced with a question ,what our country has given to me, that person should again think what he has given back to his country. Country starts giving us something or the other from the time we are born, first thing our country has given us is the identity i.

. Indian. After that education, food, job, happiness and everything. Now my other question what I have given back to country ,as of now my answer nothing gr8. Now one more question which haunts me is “what is the satisfaction others get showing India in a poor taste”. I watched this movie “Slumdog Millionaire”. It was a good movie but it was bit over critical about the condtions in India and tried to project only the slums and slum dwellers.

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I Love My Country India
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After watching this movie one more question which came to my mind was “Why only showing one face of coin”. There is so much of natural beauty,lavish and luxury things,IT and BT companies which have chosen India as a destination leaving all the developed countries, still never these things get highlighted . Is it purposeful or accidental? Going abroad for higher studies is a growing trend in India but a radical change which is observed in Indian mentality now is “the determination to come back to India and serve the motherland”.

Here I want to quote 2 incidents I remember,one of my friend she has done her MS in US and working in US,I asked her one question,”When are you applying for greencard? ”,her answer was “She wants to repay her loan and work in India”. In the other incident I asked one of my friend regarding dream country to settle. The answer was “INDIA”. That friend now working as software engineer wants to pursue civil services and work for India.

After all this what I realized was “Indians were leaving not because they didn’t love India but got oppurtunities to work in a better place”,but any day they always wants to be in India. Here in Australia,the image about India is pretty good with people having a high respect for India. We were having a walk,we saw a Indian restaurant called “Snake Charmers”,but here I want to clarify is “India is not a land of snake charmers what they are trying to project but a land of oppurtunities”.

In speech Obama mentioned of Bangalore name which indicates how prominent Indian cities are becoming in the eyes of foreigners,so what I feel is “Both the positive and negative of any country has to be projected so that people decide “What they like and what they want? ”. Now if you see what distinguishes India from other countries,the emotions we attach to relationships and the nature of us not being over pragmatic over things,In India children taken care by parents till they get the jobs and then parents being taken care by children once the parents retire.

This is surely not give and take but the real value we attach to our relationships. Though there are problems in India we have achieved enough to be proud of ourselves,Indian companies taking over foreign companies,lot of FDI inflow ,insulated to recession,Indian army 4th best in world,Indian people holding top positions in foreign companies,all these things sends a strong signal to the world “Whether you don’t love us or hate us,you can never ignore us”.

Though there is poverty there is satisfaction which is absent in other parts of the world, but having all the materialistic wealth without satisfaction will not make any sense to me. There are people in India who think English as their mother tongue and feel ashamed to speak in Hindi or any of their regional language,my only advise to them is “Don’t be confused Desi’s”,If you cant do anything to your country atleast don’t think in a way which is against India. One thing for sure “They also love India equally but due to some ill influence they have developed such a mindset.

One more thing what increases my respect for my country is the tolerance level of our country men and the forgiving nature of Indians,Inspite of all the attacks in different parts of India we still try to do good for everyone,there are so many external threats still we are growing strongly year after year. Now one question which creep in after reading this post is being in a foreign country Iam writing this post,the answer is you will actually realize how special something is to you when you are away from it. I want to end this post with one strong message “India will be the next super power”

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