Why I want to go into a career of Speech and Language Pathology Essay

Speech and language are two important elements in effective communication - Why I want to go into a career of Speech and Language Pathology Essay introduction. Without the ability to speak, a person can be functional but will experience difficulties when communicating with others. This could lead to low self-esteem and lost opportunities. Disabilities that could affect a person’s dysphagia and cognitive processes are hindrances that could lessen his productivity and contribution to society. Speech-language pathology addresses the needs of these people to help them achieve their potentials.

In this regard, I would like to become a speech-language pathologist in order to contribute to the promotion of programs that will help, support and treat people with disabilities affecting speech, language and swallowing. The theoretical and practical learnings I will obtain through the study of Speech-Language Pathology can translate to more people overcoming difficulties with speech and vocal production, swallowing and other language needs.

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Why I want to go into a career of Speech and Language Pathology
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In becoming a speech-language pathologist, I hope to touch lives and make positive contributions to the world. Working in the school system has afforded me with the chance to know of how speech pathologists are able to bring about positive changes in the people they coach. Students who gain the normal functions of their speech and vocal facilities are able to overcome shyness and their usual temerity. Although it takes some time and a lot of effort to see results, the outcome is very rewarding.

One of my career goals is to arrive at the level of being noted as a certified member of the America Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA). With this certification and years of clinical work, I will continue to work and contribute more to the educational system by helping students overcome obstruction to their speech and vocal facilities. I see a lot of potentials in many speech-disabled students that without professional help, their talents could be wasted. I want to prevent students from losing opportunities at having bright futures ahead of them.

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