Why is Deforestation a Global Concern?

Deforestation is the cutting down of trees for Logging, Mining and Country Development. Logging is done to produce wood for house furniture. Mining is done to dig up ore. While like the U.K did many years ago countries are chopping down trees to develop their countries from third world countries. Some countries also deforest to stop emigration.

Some effects of deforestation are the goodness out the soil e.g Humus and Litter being lost and the soil being poor for farming. Another effect is the damage being done to animals habitats and this causes the animal cycles to be damaged.Before DeforestationBefore deforestation started to occur there was heavy rainfall, this caused Evapotranspiration, this put large amounts of water vapor in the atmosphere and then made condensation.

This went round in a circle to form a never-ending cycle until deforestation occurred. Also the Carbon Dioxide given of by people, powerstations and Industry is absorbed by the trees, then of this the trees give of oxygen, then the animals plus people use up this oxygen, then it goes back to the powerstations, people and industry giving off carbon dioxide to form another never-ending cycle.After DeforestationNow deforestation occurs, Less rainfall occurs so the area becomes drier and could possibly become a desert. The trees then get burnt and destroyed, then there are fewer trees so there is less transpiration and water vapor in the air.

Then because there is less water vapor, there is less condensation. Which means less rain and drier land. Also more Co2 will be in the air, this will increase greenhouse gases causing global warming and climatic change. then the trees are destroyed, less oxygen is given off and then there is less oxygen and more carbon dioxide because there are less trees to absorb it.

Due to some above reasons it is a global concern. This is because of less oxygen and more carbon dioxide being used up, habitats are destroyed so animals can be wiped out and maybe cures for diseases such as cancer could be destroyed before we find them.

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