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Why is Human Cloning Considered Unethical?

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What would you think if there was someone just like you and you and your “twin” were not related in any way? Cloning the human body is unethical. It is not always successful, is extremely expensive, and we are tampering with God’s creations. We should not clone for any purpose. Firstly, cloning a human body has a low success rate. Human cloning is far more complicated, with greater risks and potentials for error. As a result, scientists fear that applying this technique to human might lead to malformations or diseases.

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Why is Human Cloning Considered Unethical?
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Moreover, of the cloning that has been clone, about a third of cloned calves born alive died young, and many of them were abnormally large. Japanese researchers examined that coned mice live in poor health and die early. More than 90% of cloning attempts fail. Thus, cloning poses serious risks, potentially producing children who are still-born, unhealthy, severely malformed or disabled. Secondly, cloning is exceedingly expensive and highly inefficient.

We should make sure that every experiment is perfect or else resources spent will be wasted.

For instance, Dolly the sheep was successful after 276 times. Additionally, the cost of cloning and experiments can be more than 50 million dollars US. Hence, it is very costly to clone because of low success rate and the large amount of resources required. Lastly, we are acting as God by cloning what we want. God created us and everything else, so we should consider life to be a gift from God.

Furthermore, cloning has the potential to make people wanting to be super human and challenge God. Even Adam and Eve ate the fruit of knowledge, in the hope to be as smart as God. Therefore, we are disrespected to God and should not support cloning. In conclusion, cloning is dangerous and inefficient. Cloning had failed mostly, it is not worth to pay that much, and we are kind of cheating God. Let us all support and take action that animal and human cloning should be prohibited in all countries.

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Why is Human Cloning Considered Unethical?. (2017, Mar 14). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/why-is-human-cloning-considered-unethical/

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