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Why Soccer Is the Best Sport?

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Imagine you are in front of the goal. The ball sitting on top the penalty kick line, taunting you, and asking to be shot, you step forward and shoot, the goalie didn’t even see it coming, a clear game-winning goal. How much do you like soccer? Soccer is the most played sport worldwide, and many people love the sport. Do you know why I think soccer is the best sport? I think it is because it’s not what you think the game is about, to most people, soccer is boring, but there is more to the game.

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Why Soccer Is the Best Sport?
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It is also my favorite because you sharpen up your skill with your feet, and you get a whole bunch of exercise. I have heard from many people that soccer is a boring sport, but the truth is, it’s a very interesting sport with a lot of excitement in it. When playing soccer, ball control is critical, you need possession of the ball in order to keep it away from the other team, and at times, it can be fun because if you have possession of the ball the whole game, you are guaranteed to win.

Most kids my age say that soccer is just a bunch of sweaty guys chasing a ball around, but there is way more to it.

In a soccer game, there is goal kicks, corner kicks, penalty kicks, penalty shots, and, throw-inn’s. A goal kick happens when a shot has missed the net, and you get a free kick in front of the goal. A corner kick is when the ball goes out of bounds between the goal post, and the corner, and the last person that touched it has to be on the team that is defending the goal. A throw-in is when the ball goes out on either side of the vertical field lines, you throw the ball in over your head and both feet have to be on the ground.

When you are playing, it’s hard at times, and most people think that you get no exercise from soccer, but in positions like the one I play, defense. When you play defense, in some games, when you are playing a good, team, you are running around the field like a chicken with its head cut off. Another position that people run a lot is mid-fielders. They have to play offence and they have to play defense, so they are running back and forth constantly to help on defense, and to help on offence. Most people, especially in the U.

S, don’t know soccer, because they have football, and baseball and other sports that are popular. They think of soccer as a sport that a bunch of people chase a ball in, because they have never played or watched the sport. I wish that I was born in another country, like Spain, so I can live and breathe soccer, like the people there do. A lot of people in the U. S. don’t know what soccer is about, but by writing this essay, I hope that I can change at least a few other perspectives about soccer.

In addition, soccer players need skill in order to play the sport, because we don’t just chase a ball around a field. If you play soccer, you have to practice in order to win, just like any other sport, and you have to have skill. When playing a game, you need to do moves that you have practiced, to get past the other teams defense and score a goal, and you also have to teach yourself mentally to think before you react. If you have the ball, and you can’t just kick it randomly and hope for the best, you have to think of your other teammates and work with them to get the ball up the field.

I have now taught myself to think before I react, and now I can work with my other teammates, to get past the other team. Another part of soccer that is very critical is passing. I mean most people think that we just chase the ball around, that is true with little kids playing soccer, but as we get older, we have to pass and develop the way we play the game. The reason why I don’t think of soccer like it’s a bad sport is because I play soccer, and I know that soccer isn’t like everything that everybody says about it.

Additionally, you need to be fit in order to play soccer, because you are constantly on the field, and you don’t get a lot of breaks, because the game never really stops except for halftime. Like I said before, when you’re on defense, and if you are playing a good team, you can be running around a ton, and you get tired really easily, especially when you are in a bad situation when someone is on a breakaway, you will have to sprint down the field to try to stop them. Another position that you get a lot of exercise in is mid-field.

Mid-fielders play both offence, and defense, so they can be running back, and forth, and back, and forth nearly the whole game and that can get very tiring. If you play soccer a lot and over a long time, you developed good leg strength and you learn how control it so you can become a better player. I know, especially since I play defense, that at times, you can get extremely tired, and you will have to keep on playing until you hear the whistle blow three times, marking the end of the game.

Exercise is critical to the human body, and you get a whole bunch of it during soccer season. Why isn’t soccer the best sport? It must be, because millions of people play it around the globe, and they must like it if they play it. I know that there are some rumors out there that say that soccer is a boring sport, but I think it’s better than other sports because it’s not what some people think it is, you sharpen up you skills with your feet, and you get a ton of exercise that can help you health wise. Next time you have a soccer ball, try it out! Don’t be afraid to take the kick.

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