Why Societies Collapse by Dr. Jared Diamond Essay

According to Dr - Why Societies Collapse by Dr. Jared Diamond Essay introduction. Jared Diamond, the collapse of a society is caused by five major factors. The first is environmental damage, which is the inadvertent damage of the environment trough deforestation, soil erosion, salinisation, over- hunting and others. In addition, based on Dr. Diamond’s lecture, when the land area of a particular society naturally changed through environmental reasons, agriculture will be significantly affected. The second factor is climate change which is the rapid changes of climate and extreme cooling and warming of temperature.

According to Dr. Diamond, such changes, when no longer bearable, will force people to move to a more temperate country. In addition, based on his lecture, deceases caused by insects will likely spread over the area. The third factor is society’s relation with hostile neighbors. Based on Dr. Diamond’s lecture, if the neighboring country is always provoking war, the peace and order will certainly be affected. The fourth factor is relations with friendlies interact.

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Why Societies Collapse by Dr. Jared Diamond
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According to Diamond, in a global sphere, foreign investment plays an important role in a country’s economy. When a state has no trade partners, progress and development is slow. Moreover, in a case of an isolated state, rescue in times of need is difficult. There may some who may extend their help but because of transportation risks, their efforts might become useless. Finally, the fifth factor is the people’s cultural responses. Dr. Diamon claims that diverse cultural practices affects the political and economical policies of a state.

In the present era, technology has almost monopolized the country’s activities. In addition political and military powers are being used to dominate resistant natons. If the factors earlier mentioned will not be included in shaping the nation’s future, the same fate of the old civilizations will be experienced again. Enviroment and friendly relations must be included in all types of policy making. Moreover, at an earlier stage, natural resources should be protected in order to avoid the collapse of society.

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