Winner Take All System Explained

a. Describe the winner take all feature of the Electoral College
The winner-take-all feature of the Electoral College is when a candidate who gets the most votes wins all of a state’s electoral votes.
b. Explain one way in which the winner-take-all feature of the Electoral College affects how presidential candidates from the two major parties run their campaign.
– Resource allocation or focus on competitive states, swing states, and large states where candidates spend their time or money or buy media
– Issues (an issues may swing a bloc of voters in a state)
-Choice of Vice President (regional balance)
c. Explain one way in which the winner-take-all feature of the Electoral College hinders or hurts third or minor parties in the race to become President.
– Third party candidates may get a lot of popular votes but no electoral votes unless they carry a state
– The difficulty of winning electoral votes hampers the ability to raise funds and gain other campaign resources
d. Explain two benefits of the present Electoral College system.
e. Explain two reasons why the Electoral College has not be abolished.
– Helps to ensure that a majority of votes are earned by one candidate
– History/tradition
– Would require constitutional amendment
– No clear consensus on an alternative
– Collectively benefits small states
– Racial minorities (and interest groups) in some states like the electoral college because it protects their votes
– Collectively benefits large states
– Competitive states like it
-Favors two-party system

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f. Explain the Direct Vote Plan and one benefit of this plan.
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