Winston Churchill Research Paper Essay

Winston Churchill is often considered one of Great Britain’s most important and effective leaders during World War 2. There are many reasons for this. Even though Churchill had remained outside of government for a period of time, he made speeches warning of Germany’s growing power. He also spoke out openly against Neville Chamberlain, the British Prime Minister, plan’s for appeasement with Nazi Germany. However, when Nazi Germany attacked Poland the public saw that Churchill knew this was going to happen.

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Just two days after the attack on Poland Churchill was once again made First Lord of the Admiralty. When Nazi Germany attacked France it was time for a new leader. Appeasement had not worked and on the same day that Chamberlain resigned King George VI asked Churchill to become the new Prime Minister. Churchill was what Britain needed, he was a strong speaker and did whatever it took to get his side to win whatever the matter. Three days after becoming Prime Minister he delivered one of his most famous speeches titled, “Blood, Toil, Tears, and Sweat.

This speech along with many others is what provided Britain with the morale boost they needed to help defeat the impossible, Nazi Germany. For about a year he continued making these kinds of speeches to give hope to Britain for they stood alone. He organized a successful air defense which helped win the Battle Of Britain and sent what was left of Britain’s soldiers to Italy to fight against Mussolini. Churchill’s “bulldog” tactics infuriated his advisers and his chief of staff said he had a multitude of bad ideas every day with only one being good, Churchill not knowing which one.

In 1941, Britain’s greatest allies, the US and the Soviet Union came to assistance. Even though he did not want the help of the Soviet Union, he realized he needed their assistance if they wanted to have a fighting chance. With them he built what he called a “Grand Alliance”, traveling thousands and thousands of miles to strategize and coordinate military attacks. A very successful plan known as “Operation Overlord” was launched by the Allies on June 14.

This is what got the allies into Europe and marked the beginning of the end of Nazi Germany’s reign over Europe. His charm, way with words and strong leadership skills is what brought Great Britain out of the rut they were in and makes him one of the most effective leader’s Great Britain has ever had. Works Cited Keegan, John “Winston Churchill. ” 13 Apr. 1998. 14 Jan. 2013. “Winston Churchill. ” 14 Jan. 2013 www. bbc. co. uk. “Winston Churchill. ” www. spartacus. schoolnet. co. uk. 14 Jan. 2013. .

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