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There is no doubt that times have changed from the first time Alexander Graham Bell thought of inventing a telephone - Wireless Networking Essay introduction. Nowadays, telephones are not merely for voice calls because it has evolved to become one of the greatest communication tools in history with Internet, messaging, and music capabilities. More and more technological advances are being done in the telecommunication field every year.

One of this advances is called 3G, which is “the third generation of mobile phone standards and technology that enables network operators to offer users a wider range of more advanced services while achieving greater network capacity through improved spectral efficiency. ” It was first launched in Japan in 2001 developed after 1G and 2G technologies to offer faster and better communication to consumers. Currently, even with the development of 4G technology, mobile phone companies like Apple, Nokia, and Sony Ericsson produce their phones with 3G capabilities since many of their consumers look for this service when choosing a phone.

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However, not all is positive with 3G. Concerns including the cost of licenses, cost of 3G mobile phones, lack of coverage, expense of the service and Internet fees, and high power usage are being debated by both providers and consumers. The article does not include a specific author making it hard for the information to be trusted. Also, the fact that Wikipedia is an online group community that can be accessed by anyone and everyone decreases its reliability in terms of the information indicated. The same cannot be said with the topic, however, because 3G is known to be one of the best development in the mobile phone industry at this time.

This is most helpful to businessmen and women who need the Internet access at any time of the day. This technology also affects those who have families and friends out of the country because communicating not just by voice calls can be done. Although 3G still has its own issues to deal with, it is still one of the best advancements in technology during this time. Wireless Articles 2 Communication is an essential part of the everyday lives of humans. It is not only through voice communication or through hand-written or typed documents because there are just those data that are too large or too long to be typed, written, or spoken.

Fortunately, the Internet has been made available to everyone, which makes the exchange of large data much easier. However, some people still find computers and the Internet too time-consuming, which is why wireless devices such as Bluetooth were developed. “Bluetooth (BT) wireless technology provides an easy way for a wide range of devices to communicate with each other and connect to the Internet without the need for wires, cables, and connectors. ” Not only is it used in mobile phones, but several devices including laptops and cars are also being installed with Bluetooth services.

It was first developed in 1994 by a team of researchers and at this time, it is known to “allow two Bluetooth-enabled devices within 10 to 100 meters range to share data” without the need of wires or Internet connection. Because this technology works by sharing data, it is very important to know proper security measures to avoid transmission of data to the wrong party or receiving malicious and harmful content. To address this concern, the developers had consumers the option to display or hide their devices from other devices.

There is also the feature of requiring a passcode for the two devices to connect first before sending the data. Still, there are those applications that are made to hack these devices and gather private and important information. Manufacturers also do not take much time in specifying addresses for their Bluetooth-enabled products, which makes it easier for hackers to determine the addresses. The article also states that consumers who have little knowledge about Bluetooth are at risk of having their devices hacked or acquiring viruses.

There is no doubt that Bluetooth is a helpful tool when it comes to sharing information, especially when time is of concern. However, the author is right when he stated that people, consumers most notably, should remember that they should always research and try to secure their devices because there are numerous individuals who have negative intentions and abuse their power and knowledge in technology. Wireless Articles 3 The Internet is one of the most important technological developments in mankind’s history.

It has paved way for more advanced communication, data exchange, and information access. Because of its great importance and use in people’s personal lives and the business world, more and more organizations offer the service through wireless connection. In 2007, Intel announced that it will “support WiMax and 802. 11b/g/n on the same piece of silicon with the Montevina mobile platform, but will also offer a WiMax-only card. ” Contrary to the current WiFi service, “WiMax can provide broadband wireless access up to 30 miles for fixed stations, and 3 to 10 miles for mobile stations. This improvement in the hardware from WiFi to WiMax by Intel will surely attract consumers and providers especially those who greatly use the Internet to work, study, or get in touch with their loved ones. Intel is trusted by consumers and although WiMax is only getting started in the field, one can anticipate the impact it will bring once the hardware is made available in the market. WiMax-enabled computers and other devices will make studying, working, or communicating a much easier task for those concerned.

It also contributes to the history of technology and marks as an evidence that through technology, distance is of no issue. It even contributes to faster and more efficient working since it allows “download speeds of 2 to 4 Mbps. ” To evaluate, the article seems to be providing a good news to those who depend on mobility in terms of using their devices, as well as in terms of being able to function whenever and wherever it is needed. Wireless Article 4 With the vast amount of developments in technology today, it is important to know the best and economical applications, software, and hardware that exist in the market.

Knowledge of such things makes it easier what to buy and what service to use because it suits one’s lifestyle and needs better. Not only will it provide a way to choose what is better but it also enhances a person’s knowledge regarding technology. Because mobile phones are very much popular and in demand these days, companies make sure that they keep up with what the consumers need and want. They enable their products with different kinds of capabilities and services so that users do not have to look somewhere else.

Two of the features that mobile phone companies provide are the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) and CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) network technologies. Both are excellent in providing what customers need, which is telecommunication capabilities, but they differ in terms of how the provide it. The GSM technology allows consumers to choose from a variety of mobile phones, use a SIM card from mobile network providers, and use a better international roaming service while CDMA technology makes its consumers buy an entire package from a service provider that contains the handset and the service.

In summary, both technologies are excellent in providing what the consumers need or else they would not be used by major network providers. A person just has to weigh what is more suitable for his lifestyle when choosing what kind of mobile phone service to avail. Flexibility is one of the major features of a GSM network while clarity and efficiency can be depended on with CDMA networks. Wireless Article 5

With the numerous mobile phone manufacturers today, it cannot be helped that mobile phone service providers are also increasing. There is no country that offers only one service provider, which makes it hard for consumers to choose what kind of service they want. Fortunately for most people who are not contented with one service provider or for those who need more than just one, there are companies that can unlock mobile phones and make it possible for a user to use multiple SIM cards in one mobile phone.

Of course, one has to have a GSM enabled phone to be able to do this since CDMA phones are locked to a specific network. There are many reasons why an individual want to have his or her phone unlocked: one is wanting to change the current wireless provider in the United States and still keep the phone; two is changing a provider with a new phone but still want to keep the other provider; and three traveling outside the country without having to pay for higher international roaming fees.

Whatever the reason is, it always comes down to not having to choose a certain service provider simply because every available provider can be used. Several companies and individuals offer users a way to unlock their mobile phones either by proving a code or by using an application. Unlocking phones are useful for those who need it and for those who require it.

However, it should still be remembered that there are numerous malicious individuals who can try to abuse this kind of flexibility. SIM cards, in most countries, are readily available and does not require a person to register and provide security information thus making it hard for them to be tracked down when they use their SIM cards for illegal acts because they can simply throw the cards away without anyone tracing it back to them.

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