Wireless Networks Essay

Technological innovation has been one of the greatest gifts of science - Wireless Networks Essay introduction. Today, everything seems to be created, improved and powered by technology. Wireless Networking is among the best examples of technology that has greatly affected the lifestyle of man. From the traditional networking, we have back then the evolution of devices to wireless technology provided humans a ground for further progress.

Wireless technology is still very much the same as that of the tradional LANs, only that traditional LANs are functional with the usage of cables and adapters. It requires various devices like switches and hubs in order to connect with computers (Cristian, 2006 ). Wireless technology enables the use of networks such as computers and other devices through the use of wireless protocol. This wireless protocol is called Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) 802. 11b or is simply termed as WiFi.

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This radio transmission protocol allows networks to function without connecting it to cables. This technology is so powerful that it can access and transmit information even through walls and floors. Since this technology allows users to connect almost anywhere and anytime, the ability to set up connection without having to run cables is a great convenience. The mobility of this network is also a great benefit for people who work outside of their offices allowing them to move from one place or another.

Although wireless networking appears to be advantageous enough this technology has its own share of limitations. For one, the performance and range is affected by the environment where you are physically located, this means that the user still has to take into consideration some factors like where you have to position the wireless equipment and the interference problems that it might encounter since radio waves are prone to signal failures. Security is also another risk that the wireless network has.

Although there are certain precautions that one can take such as implementing a network features, one cannot still assure with the risk because wireless technology has unrestricted transmissions. (“What is A Wireless Network”). The continuous innovation of wireless technology is a head start to be able to build a gateway for further immeasurable advancement and the room for technological evolution is getting bigger everyday. With these developments, man is now at the doorstep of a much wider leading-edge technology.

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