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Wizard of Oz Outline

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•Call to Adventure: Been living on the farm, Dorothy has an internal call to adventure in that she wishes to view a land (sings about it) and life greater than what she has living on the farm •Siddhartha lives in a relatively wealthy city in India with his Brahmin parents, but has a thirst for knowledge.

He wants to join the wandering squad of possession-less Samanas (tells his father) •Refusal to Call: Dorothy is transported to Oz, “We’re not in Kansas anymore”, and at first she is scared that she is essentially lost with no way of getting out •Siddhartha and his friend Govinda descend into the life of the Samanas, where their goal is to shut out the joys of life.

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Wizard of Oz Outline
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He is still running from his “self” •Supernatural aid: Dorothy meets her supernatural aid, Glinda who helps her determine her journey.

Furthermore, she assists Dorothy by providing her with magical ruby red slippers and instructions to go see the Wizard.

She is assisted by other friends like the brainless Scarecrow, heartless Tin Man, and cowardly Lion. •Though Siddhartha doesn’t have a supernatural aid, he is assisted by many people in his journey to the Abyss and back. Govinda is his friend and follower who we see many times intermittently though the book.

He also meets the Buddha, who tries in vain to introduce a belief system into Siddhartha. Kamala, another character in the latter stages of the book teaches him many great things (love). •Crossing of the First Threshold: Dorothy has to get through the forest of apple-throwing trees •Siddhartha becomes addicted to gambling, and looses the three possessions he had as a Samana- the ability to wait, fast, and think. He has a dream about a songbird, and knows that it is time to return to the old ways. Road of Trials: Dorothy literally has to go on a road, the yellow brick road, where she has to kill the wicked with and bring her broomstick back to the wizard •Siddhartha has to cope with getting over his gambling addiction, contemplates suicide, but “Om”

•Refusal to Return: Dorothy doesn’t want to go home at first, she cries and is sad to go back •Siddhartha doesn’t go back to his old ways,but when he and Vasudeva cross paths again, he wants to settle and live in the middle life •Return: At first she plans to go on a hot air balloon, but then Glinda tells her that all this time, all she had to do was click her ruby heels together three times, repeating “There’s no place like home”. She masters her two worlds, and when she finally returns, she realizes that the best place she could ever search for is the world she has lived in all along. •Siddhartha finally reaches the state he wanted, the conquer of the Self. He achieves Enlightenment

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