Women as Sex Objects in Axe Body Spray Ads Essay

In present era the media and the advertisers are portraying and delivering a negative impact to our culture. For example the ads of Axe Body Spray. Axe body spray is product of the Unilever. Axe body spray leads the target consumer to believe that by using this product he will be more popular and attractive among the women. So axe straight forwardly portrays and deliver the message that if men going to use this product then women would be willing to do anything for them if they need.

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Women as Sex Objects in Axe Body Spray Ads
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This product appeals only to male gender but in the advertisements it is portrayed that the women get attracted easily towards men if they will use this and it also deliver a message that women are a sex objects only. The slogan used by the Axe in these ads is “Any excuse to get Dirty”. The slogan itself says that if the male consumer uses this product woman will use any opportunity to get dirty with men.

Unilever is projecting the idea that any woman, regardless of power, will ultimately be put in their place by a man, especially if that man uses Axe Body Spray.

This portrayal of women has a negative effect on our culture, especially on young women, who feel pressured to look and act a certain way in order to attract men. Overall, I think that these advertisements are sending a horrible message, and those they are negatively impacting our culture, but as long as revenue and sales continue to take precedence over integrity and values, I don’t see a change of this practice in the near future.

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