Women in Politics Essay - Part 3

Hillary Rodman Clinton was a former United States Democratic Party contestant - Women in Politics Essay introduction. Even though she was defeated, she was fighting for the sit with Senator Obama and Senator Kennedy. She lost the race to her democratic counterpart Senator Obama in a strong struggle that lasted for a long time. In most of her speeches she employed the use of rhetoric in selling her manifesto and policies (Anderson and Sheeler 117).

Rhetoric generally means the art of persuasion. This is the ability of presenting arguments and ideas so that the audience is strongly appealed. This defers from the despotic regimes that used force in mobilizing their subjects rather than the use of uniting the citizens with the help of power of ideas. Such ideas are common in a democratic institution and environment. This means that they induce dissenters to tag along the laws by releasing them to speak and putting hope that the contrary ideas prevail over time. Additionally, rhetoric sometimes can mess campaigns or speeches. This may occur if a legislator makes foolish policies that may come haunting (Anderson and Sheeler 119).

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Senator Clinton speeches had a large amount of rhetoric and nothing such as “non –rhetoric” ever occurred. For example Hillary Clinton argued the electorate should elect “a doer, not a talker” and at the same time disparaged Senator Obama eloquence by saying that “you campaign in poetry, but govern in prose,” she employing a high class of rhetoric in ensuring that the audiences may understand or look for weakness in opponents speeches.

Hillary Clinton uses different ways in persuading the people. Rhetoric aspect is evident in the way that she presents her self has a credible and trustworthy leader, making the audience appreciate what she says and developing arguments that the audience will like. This means that she employs the art of rhetoric in knowing which to employ, at what time and if the right approach is employed.

Furthermore, there is metaphor that is used to describe Senator Clinton campaign which is the “Scorched Earth” and “never-say dead presidential campaigns”. In most cases the metaphor is used to imply that Senator Hillary is ready to destroy the entire Democratic Party with an aim of winning the nomination. She made it possible to combine metaphor with rhetoric ideas in selling her policies and plans to the public. She respondent to her components ideas and policies rhetorically through appreciating that she is trying to beat her competitors. In this case, her spirit of fighting and determination has been turned into rhetoric in the way that she could still win audiences’ confidence (Anderson and Sheeler 117).

Senator Clinton was the only woman and the first in fitting for a nomination to a superior democratic party in U.S. Since she was woman, she had to face gender based politics and the language that she employed was gendered. Many people saw that her position as a president was not possible because of the difficult needs that she is supposed to fulfill.

Different presidential aspirants employs different rhetoric and metaphors in ensuring that they increase the chances of been elected. Senator Clinton employed different types of rhetoric during the campaigns against a field that was fielded by male candidates. She contributed a lot into the field of rhetoric and politics in the way that she argued for her points and against those of the competitors.

Work Cited

Anderson, Vasby and Sheeler, Horn. Governing Codes: Gender, Metaphor, and Political Identity.        New York: Lexington Books, 2005.

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