women in society Essay

Through out history, society has stereotyped women, making it merely impossible for women to achieve her goals and desires in life. In life and in this county women have always been treated as second best by biased men. Women have always been treated like they are never good enough for careers outside of the home. The sex of a person should not determine what type of duties or what kind of job a person will have. It should be up to a persons own will not the decisions of society.

It was believed, even back in the 1600s, during the time of the Puritans that women should not have any rights outside of her home expect to teach her children about life, morals, and religion. In communities such as this women had to depend on her husband to provide for the family and to take care of them. Women were made to fell like they had no duties in their community.

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The role of women in society was contributed by religious beliefs and the constant negative attitude that man has given women. Women were treated like they were property of men, with no voice in their own fate. Changes in the family began when women wanted more from life.

Since, the start of the new world women has had to live under mans rule. She has encountered sexism since cave men have dragged them around by the hair on their head. And it was not until the nineteenth Amendment was ratified in 1920, that women got the right to vote. Since then women have finally been able to express their opinion and it actually count for something in society.

Over the last twenty years, women have taken a full advantage of their voting rights. It has enabled women to accomplish things they had only dreamt of. Women ate now in the center of the business world and still changing a male dominate society.

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