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Women in the Odyssey

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Women in The Odyssey
Back in the day women were expected to stay home and cook and clean while the men were at work, now-a-days women have more freedom but are still somewhat expected to do the same. In the Greek culture women were portrayed differently; the goddesses were free to do what they please, and the mortal women were expected to stay loyal to their husband and take care of their wants and needs. The Odyssey is an epic that shows the role of women in the Greek culture during this time and, how those women with supernatural power were treated higher than the mortal women.

The supernatural women in The Odyssey are so much more powerful compared to the mortal women. They have a mind of their own and have the ability to get what they want. Athena, Zues’ daughter, was a very powerful immortal woman in this epic because, she’s the one who controlled how the story went.

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Women in the Odyssey
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Athena manipulates Zues in the beginning of the epic saying, “Father Zues, and all you gods everlasting and blessed…For none of his subjects remembers that noble prince Odysseus, who ruled them like a kind father. Now he lives wretched and miserable, Calypso’s prisoner in her island, and he cannot return to his native land; for he has no men and no galleys to carry him over the broad back of the sea…”(62). This quote shows how Athena has the ability to manipulate the most powerful god in Greek culture, which also demonstrates how much superiority a goddess may have compared to a mortal women. Athena is portrayed as a very strong and, independent women because, of all she did for Odysseus and Telemachos. Athena planned out exactly how she wanted Odysseus’ return to be, and it seemed that if he didn’t follow what she says then there would be consequences. Athena clearly states what Odysseus will do when he gets back home to Ithica, “Well, here I am again, to make plans for you, and to hide your treasures…Be patient, for you must; say not one word either to man or woman living, don’t tell a.

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