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Women Suffrage from Iron Jawed Angels

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Women suffrage act was when women were not allowed to vote and were forced to stay home and do the house work and were not allowed to do anything besides that and only to take care of the house and the kids. Back in that time women didn’t have much freedom just do as the men told them to do. The national American woman suffrage association they began to understand that their ideas were too forceful for the established activists.

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Women Suffrage from Iron Jawed Angels
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Over time the national American woman suffrage association problems occurred for the leader ship tactics and protesting again the war time president and a lot of the citizens disagree with going against the war time president. They protested against the government by standing outside the white house but people just didn’t want to give a little bit of power in the hands of women because they thought the women were weak.

One of the examples were that women were treated very poorly and they were not allowed to work and they did not have a lot of rights according to the men they said they controlled the women just like in the third world countries women doesn’t have a lot of freedom to do whatever they want.

Another reason might be that women are not strong enough to take care of themselves how can they contribute to the society by voting. Some men in the movie actually insulted the women to make them feel like they are nothing but slaves as it showed that most women stayed home and did whatever their husbands requested.

The movie showed us how men despised giving women the power and authorities do anything in the United States government the movie shows how men are power hungry and won’t let women to get the power to change the government system The men were resistant of creating an amendment because women are not capable of full citizenship, for the simple reason that they are not available for purposes of national and imperial defense.

All government rests ultimately on force, to which women, owing to physical, moral and social reasons and they are not capable of contributing. Another reason why men are against the amendment is because Woman Suffrage is based on the idea of the equality of the sexes, and tends to establish those competitive relations which will destroy chivalrous consideration. Women have at present a vast indirect influence through their menfolk on the politics of this country.

Most of all there is little doubt that the vast majority of women have no desire for the vote. I think it was the fitting tittle for the movie because the women in the movie showed how tough the women in the United States are that they can be self-dependent an take care of themselves. As in the movie how Alice paul and the fellow women went through a lot in the prison and still kept their ground and stuck to what they believed in.

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