REH Word of the Week: nock Essay


1 - REH Word of the Week: nock Essay introduction. the part of an arrow having a notch for the bowstring; the notch itself

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REH Word of the Week: nock
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[origin: 14th century; Middle English nocke notched tip on the end of a bow; akin to Middle Dutch nocke summit]


A long bow and a strong bow,
and let the sky grow dark!
The cord to the nock, the shaft to the ear,
and the king of Koth for a mark!
Song of the Bossonian Archers

[from “The Scarlet Citadel”; to read the complete five verse headings, see The Collected Poetry of Robert E. Howard, p. 69; Robert E. Howard Selected Poems, p. 440; and Always Comes Evening, p. 64]

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