Word Wall Strategies for Classrooms

I would use a word wall all year long in my classroom to help the students learn new vocabulary throughout the year - Word Wall Strategies for Classrooms introduction. I would use a theme based on the seasons of the year, for example in the winter I would do a Christmas and a Thanksgiving word wall. For the Thanksgiving theme I would use words such as pilgrim, harvest, Mayflower, colonists, autumn, settlers, yams, Plymouth, Massachusetts, November, puritans, voyage, Native American, squash, Fall, casserole, tradition, treaty, celebration, and gratitude.

Another strategy I would use in my classroom is doing a sight word wall the help ELL and special needs students. I would write each new sight word that the students learn on a sentence strip and post it on the wall along with other sight words that the child has mastered. Over time the wall will grow to include all of the sight words necessary to read the grade level texts. Another idea I would like to do in my classroom is a literature based world wall that can be used to help students during a literature study.

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I would select keywords, new vocabulary words or characters’ names from the piece of literature the class will be reading, As these words are encountered in the text or are introduced during vocabulary instruction I will write them onto a sentence strip and post them together on a central wall in the classroom. The world wall will help students learn new vocabulary words as well as easily access important information when discussing the book in class.

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