Work Experience

For my work experience I received a placement at Longthorpe Primary School. I was really eager to start it even though I didn’t know what to expect or whether I will thoroughly enjoy it or not. My working hours were 8. 30 till 3. 00, so it was kind of similar to normal school hours for me. I was a little nervous at first but when I arrived at the school, all the staff were so friendly and had given me such a warm welcome, I felt at ease immediately. * During my time at Longthorpe, I gained many new skills, met new people, learnt a lot about the school itself and individual roles with the work.. I was fortunate to interact with a variety of people who were at different positions. On my first day, I met everyone and was given some information about each person’s job roles and what year they teach.. I was also shown around the school. * Throughout the day, the staff were so attentive and always ready to help, which really made me understand how to work effectively at the jobs I was given * They were so kind and treated me like a official staff member..

Offered drinks at every break and lunch, which I thought was very thoughtful of them.. * I took the role as a primary school teaching assistant. I had a brilliant time working with a Year2 class, the class consisted of mixed abilities and I really liked the way the teacher always used a variety of learning methods to try and help all students progress * We started off with some art work (even though I cannot draw to save my life), so it was very interesting.

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I went around and tried to encourage the kids to get stuck in and focus on the task. There was always a really great atmosphere * A few children find it difficult to concentrate so I was specifically aimed to spend more time with them * We also did a lot of cake baking with the young kids which I also thoroughly enjoyed, at that time it was less of teaching and more of cooking and learning along * I did get along really well with the class and I think they liked the fact I was younger than the rest of the teachers.

I remember how I looked up to older students when I was younger so I hope that I motivated them with activities * During my work experience I feel that I have learnt valuable information in how to work effectively in a school environment around kids * I’ve become more familiar with what teachers have to do and go through in order to proceed with the lessons efficiently * It was a really educational experience and gave me an idea whether or not it could possibly be a future career for me * I expanded many personal skills such as communication and patience, especially patience.

Also, its really nice to encourage younger students to learn, so that was another thing I got more confident in doing. * I thoroughly enjoyed the time I had at Longthorpe * I’m really happy I got the privilege to be able to gain a work experience so I definitely think it’s a good idea and should continue for the following years to come * It’s an experience that I’ll always remember and I feel that from the experience I’ve gained, it’ll help me in the future * So everyone should have that opportunity and have a insight in the certain areas they’re interested in earlier on, in year 10

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